Climbing for the Hebios Ladders

Currently, the ladders in the Hebios Camps scattered around the Forest are completely useless. Getting up to the top of one of these lookouts is a painful job of teleporting onto one of the support beams, and then angling your teleporter carefully to get up.

This is such a missed opportunity! The climbing tech already exists, the ladders aren’t overwhelmingly large or complex, so there would be very few issues with how the technology is now… So why not? All a feature like this would do is make a painful part of the game less painful, and hype up the Community for climbing. Hell, you might even get more Supporters who wanna try out the Climbing server!

Implementing climbing for these ladders would be fantastic.

Yea first thought i had was grabbing the ladder, but then i realised you can’t grab it.


Great Idea!
Climbing ladders would be a great start for a first climbing experience. It would engage the players to further exploration of their surroundings.

Ladder making would also compensate smaller teleport distances due to weight. Like mentioned here:

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Oh yeah that would be cool, not only could someone hauling a lot could use it as gear to get around, but it could also help other people get places that can’t be teled normally.

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