Climbing tower

The climbing tower is way to hard for such a low reward would make it easyer or more rewards for doing it then just the climbing

Not a ‘low’ reward, it’s worth it.

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it is just for climbing

Which is worth it once you know how to use it, and as the game develops it will only get more useful.

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Yes the climbing challenge is hard, the dev’s stated that they don’t want everyone to have it, but just enough that you commonly find someone who got it.
With rewards it’s not just climbing that you get, you get access to healing pots and some extra loot in the combat trials and more to come.
Also you can do shortcuts in the forest, up and down.

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the climbing reward is very much worth it, you have access to so many more areas, plus you can escape some things before they kill you

Still to hard it just to frustrating and kills the fun on the game

Still not worth enough

climbing has saved my gear like 30 times in the mines just by climbing the pillars in the crystal layers

I think you’re just bad.

the climbing tower is literally meant to be hard, making it easy would ruin the point

There has to be challenge in it. Its fun to do and the reward is what you would expect. Would you like 5000 gold coins for climbing up some old ruin that many before you have climbed already? It makes no sense

My left arm is messed up so the climbing towers a literal pain. balancing on the logs at the bottom is like trying to stand on a pensile. I would like it if you could pull up with both hands and reach out with one but the logs are too far for that. not to mention if your in a chair you cant or barley can reach the first log.