Combat Trial Exploit Found

There are locations in trials 1 & 2, where a player is able to pass all gates and reach the end without opening the gates or even fighting. I discovered this on my own but recently found out others have figured this out as well. Players are not ignoring the trials and just getting loot and cores without doing the trials.

Reproduction Steps:
Can send a private video to devs per request as I don’t want others to learn how to do this.


6:16pm(pst) 4/14/2021

Discord Username:

Again a video will be sent to devs per request so I can show how it is done.

As a reminder I am not promoting cheating, however, I do look for bugs intentionally to report them, not to exploit them.

Please DM Sol_Alta the video.

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I’ll DM you the video once I get back home today. Thanks!