Community boxes keep filling up

Description: The community boxes keep filling, even after a forced, full server wipe.

**Reproduction Steps:**Open the in-game dashboard, click “fill community boxes”. After discovering the game isn’t enjoyable playing that way, I did a wipe. Later, after playing again, I did a wipe that lets players keep their skill levels & backpacks. That didn’t stop the community boxes from filling up. Then I did the forced wipe. That didn’t work either.

Server: Bootstrap

**Time:**8/5 & 8/6/21 (not sure of time, but late afternoon on the 6th. Sidenote: you need a better tutorial for finding the game logs. I spent 1.5 hrs. searching my pc for the file logs (w/OQ2 headset plugged into pc). If someone can help me with this, I’ll gladly attach them.

**Dicord Username:**NanaPlays

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.