Community Central Chest (3C/CCC) Creating an Gamified Economy - Other posts checked

Encourage Community Crafting that supplies the Playerbase with the feel of a larger scaled Community beyond their individual Server groups.

Core concept
A Community Chest that all servers can choose to Build then put IN or take OUT from it. A Server is given a hard cap number of CCC Points which are gained by putting Items IN and lost when taking items OUT. CCC Points can never go above the hard cap nor can they go below 0. This chest as the name suggests is a centralised chest which every server in the game can interact with whether you are a group of 8 or solo, public and/or private.
The CCC would need to be maintained and would require materials that are found through exploration and would provide benefits that you could periodically bestow upon it such as a temporary increase to the CCC Point cap for certain items or a discount on items taken out, as well as other features that would remain simple but distinctive.

Personal twist
The CCC Points would be calculated based on supply and demand, not rarity of the item. So a legendary sword of end game content, would be the same value as a meal that’s been cooked if neither item was already in the chest.
This would discourage loading the CCC with end game content but provide excitement if you happened to find such a thing.

It also discourages loading it up with easily accessible / craftable items en masse as the value of subsequent items decreases and thus encourages variety and finding that which isn’t being crafted often.

The formula is :
(Number of Active Players in the last hour / 8) / The Number of Preexisting items of the item you are placing IN +1

Which results in a fluctuating value of higher variance when more people are online compared to when the number is low which encourages more trade the more people who are on, potentially providing more variety for people to engage with the CCC.

What does this all achieve?
It gives added purpose and value to people who just like to make bags and other items whilst feeding into something larger than themselves.
You give rise to potential such as Mining Companies setting up on Servers who produce minerals and put it into the market around the clock and if they are not on - someone can spot the gap in the market.
Things you have in abundance on your server based on your groups playstyle - will likely find its way to the CCC.
And thus at the end of it all, you have a true ebb and flow of trade occuring which gives you added direction when playing the game.

How to achieve it?
Im not sure how your game is developed, but the Chest could read a database setup as :
ID | Item Name | Item Quantity and the quantity decreases or increases when people put IN or take OUT.

If each server and it’s actions of chopping trees and such had an impact of what grew and how much of it was left, it would make this whole idea pop even more.

I read existing posts such as Encouraging Trade - #6 by FyreKZ and BUYING / (Trading) Market Stalls, for an actual working economy but I saw none that dealt with the economy as I put above.