Community storage item count wrong (Solved?)

So I have two opposite versions of a similar bug, in the first picture (removed this picture as “new users can only post 1 embedded media file”) it’s hard to see but the top number says I have 0 sticks and the bottom number says I have 14 and I’m not able to remove any more sticks

In the second (only picture) the top number says I have 141 logs but the bottom says I have 0 and again I can’t remove any moreI would also note at the time of taking this picture there was a visual glitch normally it shows the logs in the stack it isn’t shown as empty

If I add more sticks/logs both numbers go up by however many I add as you would expect and I can take them out back to the same level shown in the pictures

Reproduction Steps:
I have no idea how you would reproduce this all i did was fill it up and leave to go chop more trees and when I came back I wanted to remove 200 logs to build some stairs but was only able to remove ~60 before it wouldn’t let me remove more and I noticed this bug and checked the sticks and found the same problem

Personal server called The World of Worlds

9-9:30 EST

Dicord Username:

I am unable to get the game log files as I don’t have a computer

The different numbers is the daily withdrawal limit. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Shared Storage Crates have withdrawal limits. A player may remove as much as they deposit during the same in-game day, once dawn ticks over they may only remove 20 of each resource per day - the same limit as Players who have not donated resources.

As for the visual glitch, that’s been reported previously

I think in that case there should be an option to turn that off. I play alone in a private world and it is extremely inconvenient

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I’m not sure if it would help you, but there is a dashboard console command to modify the communityStorage_multiplier.

I assume the higher the multiplier, the more you can take?