Compass Item

I think a compass item would be really cool for people who love exploration.

Core concept
I know I’m in the minority, but I think it would be really cool to map out the forest, or the mines using pencil and paper, and having a compass would make it much easier to stay oriented. A compass would also help people just looking to just do regular mining or hunting in the forest without getting lost. Optionally, you could have it attach to a tool, your wrist, or as a necklace, so it doesn’t take up as much space.

This one didn’t include a compass, but I think its got some good points in the replies.

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I’ve been thinking about how a compass would be implemented recently. Where would the needle point?
I think it could work like the Lodestone Compasses in Minecraft, where you can stick something in the compass to specify a focus. Here’s my ideas for each compass focus:

Town Center: Empty / Gold Coin
Forest: Goterra Spore
Field: An apple or other related foodstuff
Quarry: Turabada Shard
Mine: Each teleporter could have a special crystal that can be used as a focus. When the crystal is in your compass, it will point towards the down stairs for the mine floor you are on, but only above where you picked up the crystal. To get directions farther down, you would need to travel down normally until finding another teleporter.

This could make it easier for newer players to learn the map, as well as give veteran players a more efficient way of traversing the mines other than making tons of crystal shards.

I don’t really think that is needed, if it points north, we have big enough, distinct enough land marks and a map than it shouldn’t be too hard to find where you are.

For example if there was a very large tree in the forest, you have a map that you can see that big tree on, and you have a compass pointing away from it you’d be able to tell that you’re north of it on the map and should be able to roughly pin point your location, it’s also a lot more interesting and involved than one that just points to the town.

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I agree with Edit, actual compass navigation would be much better than one that just points to where you want to go.

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Sextants could be added, and give a glow of certain stars in the sky to help give your exact location

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Oh man that would be really cool for harder to get places, having clues where to go that rely on the stars, maybe even having some structures that line up with the stars to show you are in the right place.

Sextants get added with boats as part of the cartography update?

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Gotta up your game, that isn’t enough embedded links, you could easily have linked directly to Denko’s reply when you said “Sextants”.


compass… if used with a map this would be the absolute best

There is an Altacast that discusses the role of the Cartographer. They do have plans on doing something like this in the near future. you should take a look at it. It might be what you are wanting.

Here’s the source: