Consistent Collisions

Make the collisions in Township more consistent.

Core concept
Collisions are a very important thing in all games, but most especially in VR Games. As soon as you’re able to push your hand through a wall, almost all immersion is lost for me and many others who I’ve heard from. I suggest that Township take the same route as Alyx, Boneworks, S&S (every AAA VR Title) and go for the much less immersion breaking system of your hands not being able to go through walls and terrain.

Not an expert in that area, but it will depend what collision checks can be done on the server vs client.

My main issue with the current system is that the player heads do collide, but the hands don’t. That just seems like an oversight to me. Appreciate the response though.


Imagine if we holding a piece of rock on each hand, the rock will not clipping through the walks, it could be done by adding the same collision register to player hands. And like Fyre said, it is done with our head already, shouldn’t be something difficult.
Edited: I just found one thing interesting though, so items and tools collide with walls and ground, and our hands collide with items and tools, but we can still reach through walls and ground with our hands.


I imagine as climbing is introduced that colliders on the player’s hands will get put in with it.

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Not sure that would be a guarantee. I tried out the Supporter Climbing Server after I posted this idea, and there were no collisions to be found. If they were to put them in then they would have with the preview.

Not really, it’s a very experimental feature, but I’m sure it would get a lot more refining once they get close to adding it to the actual main game.