Controller vibration motor going haywire

Description: My Vive wand vibration motor is going haywire whenever i grab an item out of my inventory or when i grab my backpack. Not just normal vibration either, it’s goinig at full speed it feels like.

Reproduction Steps: I just log onto my server and it happens whenver i grab an item out of an inventory slot or equipment slot. It vibrates normally every now and then when i grab an item, just to go haywire a few seconds later.

Server: Private server

Time: 7:14 UTC +1

Discord Username: Sparky#7272

logs.rar (5.7 KB)

Phew, good to know I’m not the only one.

For me, the vibration lasts until a new signal is sent to the controller (by hovering over an item slot, pressing the trigger, etc).


I also experience this even though I’m on the Oculus Rift.

@Light_Ain are you using SteamVR or OculusVR?

As a short term fix, people can disable haptics by going to:
%appdata%/A Township Tale/GameConfiguration.json

And set HapticsStrengthMultiplier to 0.

using SteamVR here, already disabled my haptics for now using the SteamVR binding menu

I use OculusVR I have tried using SteamVR with it before and it lessens how much it vibrates but the headset doesn’t run well while I play in SteamVR.