Cooking skill tree

Here is my idea of the Cooking skill tree with 1 added seasoning item, Rock Sugar (looks like Rock Salt but white) that got the property of restoring more hunger.

Consuming branch

  • Satisfied: you get 25% more stamina refill when you eat something
  • Garlic Smell: eat a Garlic to gain an effect that make Enemies ignore you (unless you attack them or get too close) (2min.)
  • Sugar Rush: eat Rock Sugar to gain an effect that make you move a bit faster (2min.)
  • Salty Defence: eat a Rock Salt to gain a small resistance buff (2min.)
  • Gluttony: you gain 2 more satisfied bars

Farmer branch

  • Gathering Skill: Veggie and Fruit
  • Strong Back: you can pick up cauldrons and buckets with 1 hand
  • Slight of Hand; Fire: dried grass will light up when you place it on the ground

Cooking branch

  • Seasoner: you can add 2 more seasoning (salt, garlic and sugar)
  • Prep Chef: pull out your knife from a docket to charge it for 1 min. cuts every food it touches to it’s smallest size
  • Slight of Hand; Water: shake a Flask to fill it with water
  • Master Cook: swing food to burst it into flames to cook it

Also the skill tree looks a bit like a fish.

I think farmer would work better as it’s own tree, and also I’m not sure what “Slight of Hand; Fire” is doing in that branch anyway.

I like the prep chef skill, it makes cutting easier but it’s not overpowered, while Master Cook, even for an end of the tree skill, just seems too much, though I guess it’s okay since you need to prepare it more afterwards (stew, etc.)

Personally I like the idea of two main branches for it being the Stew Master and Artisan branches, one focuses on being able to make lots of food (like a big pot of stew, though it might need a different name if it’s not just stew later on) and the other focuses on high quality food items, so quality vs quantity.

Also comment on the consumer branch: CONSUME!

I’m guessing you got this from sao but I don’t wanna make the game too complicated because I’m fine with the games systems but pretty interesting nonetheless