Cooking Skills

New skills for the Cook to enhance the town!

Core concept
As it stands the only reasonable place for people to congregate is the blacksmith which provides infinite water, a place to make, upgrade, and ‘repair’ equipment, a lasting group of people to trade with, and so on. However, this isn’t how a town should work! People should be congregating at the tavern or at least town center. In order to improve the Tavern, I elect we give Cooking its own shrine and skill set!

Personal twist
I have experience with cooking and making food in real life and so I will try to translate the core skills of a chef as ability skills for the game! Starting with:

Resource Management:
A good chef knows how to use as little of an ingredient as possible for maximum effect! So a skill that would best represent this ability in practice would be:

Level 1: You can now use ingredients cut once as 1 whole ingredient
Level 2: You can now use ingredients cut twice as 1 whole ingredient
Level 3: When a Portion Controlled ingredient is used you get 1 more serving of the stew you make!

A good chef knows how layer flavors for a truly inspiring dish:

Level 1: You can add one bonus ingredient to a dish to add that ingredient’s effect (Ember Composer action)
Level 2: You can add one more ingredient to a dish to add that second ingredient’s effect.

A good chef knows exactly when to stop cooking:

You cannot burn dishes you make on a fire or in a pot.

as a cook, this makes me drool


Portion Control sounds like it would make the potential number of stews out of control, if you get what i mean. :stuck_out_tongue:
I assume the Flavor Balance is meant for the ingredient itself, but I can’t help but imagine someone flinging their cauldron of boiling soup around like a madman.

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why does adding an ingredient make you think of the guy flailing it around?

When servers are laggy, trying to get that Ember Composer is just a swingfest of anger.

OH! ahahahaha that’s hilarious