Cosmetic Shop Rotation

I think it’s pretty obvious that the current shop is inspired by Fortnite’s, but with monthly rotations rather than daily… I think this is pretty counter-productive for selling in game cosmetics since instead the shop acting as a reason to check in every day for the new rotation, you have to wait a month to see if the item you want comes back. With the small amount of available cosmetics I think that you should just make all of the cosmetic items available for purchase individually but organized by outfit, or keep the rotations but make them daily cycles of a 2 randomly selected item for each body slot.

I understand that the current rotation is a month due to the fact that you need time to make new items, but there are people such as myself that want to purchase pre-existing ones that are no longer in the store. To again take from Fortnite, keep new or more interesting items grouped as outfits (but still with the ability to buy specific items from said outfit) in big boxes on the left, and then select some random smaller or more common cosmetics for the right.

This is just personally what I’m thinking would work, but I can totally understand if you are planning to have cosmetics only be in the shop once and be exclusive.

Side note: I made a post earlier in feedback about the bandana worn by a person on’s banner, and I think this could be one of the smaller items on the right.

It might be good to have an item or two cycle through every day, but we aren’t even to that point with the amount of items out, if the newest rotation was used as two random items a day, we would either have a lot of repeats, or run out in just seven days. In addition I don’t think it would set a good mood if ATT had a shop that encourages impulse buying like items that show up for one day would.

I also don’t think they were going for what fortnite does, they even mentioned that the look wasn’t meant to look like fortnite’s.

Having all the items available at once would devalue the discount supporters get, since any one could buy one month of supporter to get a discount on a big purchase of a lot of cosmetics.

I’m happy that they are taking their time with the cosmetics instead of rushing themselves to make cheap and small items to keep attention of players that are more interested in the cosmetics than the game.

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While I do see what you’re saying I don’t completely agree that it would devalue cosmetics, they are still $10+ on average.

Also I did mention that I’m not asking them to make new content weekly, but to cycle through currently available content.

This could even be a weekly cycle instead, but my main point is that I think that having specific types of clothing/hats completely locked off for a month doesn’t really promote the idea that players should buy from the item shop. Of course we would have repeats, but so does every other game that follows this formula. That’s what makes some items common and some rare.

I said it would devalue the discount that the supporters get since anyone could get the same effect by getting the one month every once in a while to buy up anything new that they like from all the cosmetics if all of them were available all the time.

What I was pointing out was a whole store rotation was 7 days worth of cycling old items, so we would be running into repeats pretty quickly if we started now. Also another thing that I didn’t mention is that this would make any store rotation that has all or mostly old items seem cheap because “I’ve seen all of these already in the daily repeats!” instead of being a cool “getting a chance to get a cosmetic I missed on the first rotation that I haven’t seen in a good while.”

Weekly could make it a bit easier, and doable sooner. I don’t get the idea that just because a hat pack/singular hat isn’t available some months means that someone just doesn’t want to buy from the store.

Personally I see the store as a “look at the new items we got to choose from this month!” and then a “Grab what you want from this rotation before we go to the next!” that only comes up a month instead of demanding attention every day/week or “You might miss out”

It’s getting late so I’m starting to make less sense.