Craft Hebios Weapons with Standard Moulds

This is on Quest, if it makes a difference (Yes, we give out Hebios Moulds (for events sometimes) and built the Hebios Press). You no longer need new Hebios Moulds to craft Hebios Weapons. There’s a method that allows you to craft Hebios Weapons with a Standard Mould

Reproduction Steps:
Needs one Hebios Mould to make a Hebios weapon out of it. After you smelt the weapon (unforged), take it to the Standard Mould Press and press into a Standard Mould



Dicord Username:

Waiting for the admins to chime in like “it’s a feature not a bug” lol

Unless hebios was officially added to quest (pretty sure it’s a combat trial reward, + requires forest ingredients, so that doesn’t seem likely, but I’m on game hiatus), using game content that’s not officially in-game for a platform means there WILL be bugs, like cloning hebios molds with regular molds for example. It’s not officially implemented and not intended to be used on Quest yet. (Again, unless I missed an update)

I’m sure once they are officially add H. Moulds in game, this kinda thing won’t be an issue.
Technically Climbing tower is recently in game officially too, but I don’t see anyone complaining about not being able to climb it… (yet)

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Yeah, it’s not yet offiicially on Quest yet. We give them out as rewards for events n such via commands. Any player who does the glitch in our server will be banned, though, so it’s not a big deal atm. We’ve confiscated as many of the glitched moulds as possible

Imma have to go and check out our climbing tower. I heard that some servers can already climb and complete it, while others only have the “empty” tower

That’s not how that works at all. If the developers host, there may be a functional climbing tower. But why would they host when they need to focus on development, and they know the full release of the content is easier to test than a work in progress tower?

Otherwise, EVERYBODY has the same game and server version. Anybody advertising a working climbing tower on Quest is lying. :worried: Nobody gets code early, not even supporters.

People have managed to “climb” to the 2nd floor, without climbing. So they’re using other means like teleport. But that’s the furthest I’ve heard of Quest players reaching.

Ah, gotcha. That’s probs what they were meaning when they said they could climb it :sweat_smile: