Crafting timer needs to go

The timer when crafting something serves nothing more than a hindrance to anyone crafting anything. Just now, I even lost a Giant Fabric Roll. Do you want to know how? Not because I was being careless, but because the immense lag on the US server, coupled with half of the hammer hits not registering, on top of having to redo nailing 7-8 nails in to the big bag several times over because a timer decided that I just wasn’t being fast enough when I had 8/9 nails in place.

The timer has no place in this game, and serves as nothing more than an extra burden. I’ve wasted roughly 5-6 hours of my time farming a giant fabric roll, only for the game to completely ruin me because of bad game performance, and even worse networking.

I understand your frustration, and I wholeheartedly agree that the timer is unnecessary.


We’d also need a way to pry off nails tho.


Sounds like the problem is bad performance, not the timer, though mechanics should generally give some leeway for players that have those problems unless the game is very stable.

The only reasonable option I could think of is the chisel, especially given its consistent use for disassembly, especially when paired with the hammer.


Honestly, crafting in and of itself asks far too much of the player for crafting from the get go, especially when you consider the requirements for other tasks:

Sculpting: Hit the blue areas of the log, avoid everything else.

Smithing: Hit the weapon with large wide arcs for maximum effectiveness, reheat the mould once it gets too cool to shape.

Crafting: Hit the nail just right, not too hard or else you risk bending the nail, damaging the piece, or breaking it outright. Not too soft or the hit doesn’t get registered at all, but quick enough so the timer doesn’t undo all of the progress you’ve made so far.

These risks grow proportionally to the rarity of the items you craft with, like the giant fabric roll I used.

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It makes more sense for dealing with putting a lot of little parts to together would require more, especially since the items generally last the longest (they don’t break if I remember correctly, but it’s been quite a bit since I’ve played at this point, I really need to play more).

Honestly the other tasks asks too little, weapon crafting and such just pops on, smiting just requires mindless strikes, and carpentry, well it’s alright makes about as much sense as it would normally to make mostly long straight pieces of wood, though it’d be cool for some extra optional depth to make better pieces.

I do think a timer is a bit uncharacteristic of crafting, known more for slow deliberate actions rather than making something as fast as you can. The timer might be a way to keep players from taking too long on the crafting benches, but that’s just a wild guess.


I agree that the timer should be taken into consideration and weighed whether we really need it. If it were to be removed, I would like a function where it takes skill to craft bags so maybe without the timer you would have a curtain time and it would become less and less sturdy as you hammered. So maybe for the big leather it would start to peak off if the nails weren’t in. This would make it hard to hit the nails, but also not make it impossible. The trick would be to hit in the corners and work your way in. Each nail would add more sturdiness to the bag. Also in reality if you hammered in a nail wrong it wouldn’t break a lather roll. But it would be off. Maybe instead of the leather breaking it just made it look of centered and it would leave an extra hole if you decided to take it off. Idk if this made any sense, but I think it might be a cool concept and might help newer people in the game. Thanks Rokon for bringing up this discussion and I hope you make more suggestions. Thanks for your time and. Bye.