"Craftsman" skill tree

A skilltree based on the crafting system found in the shack near town hall

Core concept
The tree would gain XP from successfully nailing parts in as well as making an item from start to finish inside the shack. From there, it’d branch into 2 separate trees based on making and obtaining unique recipes.

The 1st skill they have in common is Durable Materials, which makes it harder to break parts that are being hammered in. From there, they branch out, with the 1st tree being on manufacturing items. The skills here include:

Patience I: The timer is increased by 25% on all stages of a build
Steady Hands: Nails become harder to misalign by around 20%
Patience II: Timer is further increased by 25% and a visual countdown appears only to skillholders

The 2nd part of the tree would grant the ability to create items not seen in the book or available to players without these skills, as an incentive to put points into this skill tree. These would be tiered as:

Advanced Crafting I: Gain access to the Sparker (1-handed flint strike) & Stopwatch (day-night timeteller) pages within the book
Advanced Crafting II: Gain access to the Night Sight (sockets into camera for enhanced vision in darkness) & GeoLocator (Allows you to see what level of the mines you are on once socketed into camera) pages within the book
Advanced Crafting III: Gain access to the Map Node (sockets into camera to display the world map on it’s screen) & Highlighter (sockets into camera to outline dropped items & interactable objects like ore veins and digsites) pages within the book
(note: pages that are tied to skills will despawn, even if placed in a crafting table, after 10 minutes)

Personal twist (optional)
The recipes within advanced crafting skills will be somewhat pricey and could use materials such as crystals to offset the usefulness and impact they could have on the game.

I’m all for higher levels of crafting for more powerful and intricate items, but only to make it easier.
Kind of similar to valyan’s absurd heat and hardness properties, I don’t think it should be locked behind a skill tree but rather make it much easier to craft with said skill tree.

Perhaps in the future when build quality becomes a thing, this will become very relevant.