Creating Your Own Clothes; Tailors!

A new job that is based around creating cosmetic customization on top of the base character creation.

While the rotating cosmetics bought with Talem are very nice, some wish that they could create it via in-game means. Adding a new job and crafting system in the customization building could really drive it home. With items such as leather, leather straps, buckles, fabric, and other materials could be used to make an assortment of crafting patterns.

Depending on the particular clothing you’re trying to make, many different materials could be used, such as sheet metal for earrings and crystals for jewelry.

This feature would be very helpful to those who cannot aquire Talem, and allowing for more cosmetic diversity amoung the playerbase!

Maybe to unlock more basic cosmetics, but nothing too fancy, the devs need to make money somehow.


We’ve gone through this discussion before as a community, and most of the time the outcome is no or maybe. If this were to be added I think it would only involve crafting drably colored clothing like the default clothes we are given, perhaps some could give buffs like cold resistance for a large coat (please add a snow capped peak area, alta).


Actually something that might work better is stuff like a padded shirt, that way it can go under any cosmetic clothes and it can also be used as a very light armor a level below leather, but maybe something you can combine with leather/metal.

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I like that idea, perhaps tailoring would be a compliment to armor, like crafting under armor and skull caps to actually be able to wear armor.

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@iiDeku Pretty solid idea, but the creation of clothes should still cost talems depending on the complexity, like a single color shirt would be about 100 talems, with a shirt that has 10 colors on it, being very complex being closer to 1000-1300 talems.