Creepy Caves, Foggy Forests, and Crafty Carvers

The Caves are a magical place to explore, Forests can be too!

Core concept
The Forests the crew is working on now open a lot of possibilities. Right now the only fun or rewarding place to explore is the Caves. So Let’s amplify the forest with its own hurdles, challenges, and rewards!

The hurdles mining-focused players face in the caves are the excellently done sensation of darkness and its sense of scale, the Wyrms and Crystal Wyrms, and the goal of finding the tiny blue light that leads the way ahead.

Woodsman Focused players need a similar experience, but instead of the dark of the caves, Woodsmen should face the dense fog of the cursed Forest. In the caves, the dark is beaten by using a torch or flame. In fog, the worst thing you can do is to shine a light on it. Instead, to travel a foggy forest you should use a Compass and keep track of what direction you’re facing! While traversing the foggy forest floor woodsmen will need to keep an eye out for Roaming Gotera, their yellow eyes burning through the fog.

Just as the caves seem to shift and change magically below these accursed woods seem to warp and shift themselves, every time a brave soul enters the fog the woods change, structures in new places and trees never the same. Without a Compass finding the exit of this woodland is near impossible with the distracting noises, dangerous Gotera, and wildlife.

The central challenge of the mines is the collection of treasure while being attacked by the swarm of Wyrms that make the mines their home. This provides purely a combat challenge which has its own benefits and thrills.

The forest should prevent a skill-based challenge that Woodsmen will appreciate. As such I propose a bit of target practice. Hanging from the branches of massively tall trees and dilapidated buildings are the mysterious targets that you can hit with throwing weapons or arrows (hand axes, kunai, spears, etc). Upon a successful bullseye, the target disappears in a sparkle of light (like when players die) and drop bits of treasure like bags of wood, food, coins, and so on as well as granting experience points for archery.

In the caves, the rewards are bountiful and simple. Looting the mining installation grants molds used to help the Blacksmith, mining veins to get the ores used to make weapons and tools as well as the crystals to fuel ancient magic technology such as the Televator.

The Forest should offer Similar but different rewards specializing in boosting the efficacy and usefulness of the Carpenter and Woodsman jobs. Because of this, the loot should be as follows:
Choppable trees of various QUALITIES should be available in the forest. Normal standard wood will be available in areas like the little Gotera Wood before players enter the Hebios Highlands. However, in the Forest, there are special woods which have their own special properties! I will SUGGEST some here:

The next step up of the basic wood (which looks like Sycamore) Oak is a hardwood and is more durable, making for better shields and longer-lasting handles and stronger bows.
A step up from Oak, Willow has higher moisture than Oak and other hardwoods making it last longer in a fire while maintaining the durability of Oak!
A step further Maple is less porous a hardwood and makes gorgeous bows with more spring, shooting arrows faster and letting arrows hit harder
The final step of Tree that lives in the deepest part of the forest, These trees harden to be as strong as steel providing durability unrivaled by any other tree. Ancient wood is the best wood all around, it’s durable it’s springy, it… doesn’t burn? Ancient wood is good for structures, weapons, and tools but as a source of fuel, it’s as useful as stone.

As well as these new trees you will find old structures, hunter blinds, woodsman shacks, and cabins. In these structures, you can find crates and chests as well as a glimpse into the lives of this abandoned township. Instead of finding Molds for the smithy players will find hidden frames for the carpenter that allow them to carve even BETTER wooden items as well as reinforce existing items.

Carpentry is fine and dandy, but without its own mastery shrine, there’s no real incentive to be a woodsman. So here is MY suggestion for a carpenter skill tree:

Level 1: You can now chisel wood off 50% faster
Level 2: You can now chisel wood off twice as fast.

Level 1 Items you carve are 50% stronger
Level 2 Items you carve are twice as strong

Flick your hammer to your side
During the second phase of carving an item, you will be able to chisel the block only once to enter the last phase of carving!

I feel like part of what makes the caves so fun to explore is that they don’t have a set map to them and change every two weeks, I feel like the forest we are getting is also going to be too small in comparison to the caves to be something that you are truly exploring after enough time since you will just know where everything is after enough trips.

Zeb made a post for the kind of magical forest idea which explains the idea of a forest that changes after some time and I think would let players have some replay ability in exploring a forest type area. (Though I do think the actual map should shift so you can’t map it out)


Zab did make a really similar post to this one so maybe you could look into that.

I think that they all have their own pros and cons so that all of them will be used rather than having most of them as a placeholder until you manage to get the best one.

You should also be able to throw stones at them for serious damage so that one doesn’t extra have to throw their axe in a very foggy forest or has to carry their bow. As a drawback for stone you’d have a harder time aiming.

But yeah in general I like many aspects and I think that there were some new ideas however I would recommend you to add your ideas on the foggy forest to zabis post rather than their being multiple threads for very very similar ideas.

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This has already been confirmed.

I do agree with @Eden that the different types of trees should have different purposes, such as more flexible wood that is good for bows, brittle wood that is good for fires and magical wood good for staffs. There should still be woods that are just worse found closer to the main town and better ones farther out or in harder to reach areas, but it shouldn’t be so linear. There could even be tree types that are very similar to other tree types in stats, but have different colors to them so that you have more choice in building wood and maybe the same for bows, staffs and handles. It would be nice to have enough types of tree woods where it isn’t “this wood is good for just this and is the first/second/third tier for this use.” and instead “well this wood works well for a few things and really well for one. Oh that tree? it’s trash, but the one over their is really good for this”

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