Crossbows / Crafting

Give the ability to create crossbows that you can use with arrows.

In the carpenter area, have a mini-bow stick, (like the normal one but cheaper) combine with dry grass.
Then create a handle and combine some sort of metal trigger or metal crossbow skeleton to create a crossbow.

Why would someone use this?
Better accuracy and damage, but make it so it reloads slowly.

Crossbows, aren’t compatible with arrows, so crafting bolts would also be needed.

Chop arrow shafts in half to make bolts?

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So, set a slower reload speed isn’t going to be very much a thing since everything in ATT is very manual handling, but a roller reload could do the trick.
Also in my opinion, it could even be a full size bow, no one said crossbow must be smaller than a bow in this game, so maybe we can add like a crossbow grip and rolling reload pieces in carpenter or blacksmith than combine them with a bow to craft a cross bow, this way regular arrows could do the work too, with out changing too much of the current content.
And the roller piece can be used on crafting a fishing rod too in the future, so there we can have more gaming mechanics and contents with out them adding too many new molds or blueprints.

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Yeah, I was thinking a reload like the hand crossbow in GORN?

Ehh, it’s good to stick to what is physically possible in most instances so that the game doesn’t become too silly.

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