A wonderful technical way to generate herbs, that will be distinguished by their appeal and nevertheless will give every server its own style. ( @FyreKZ will hate this )

Core concept
Herbs used for alchemy will have different buffs and effects. It’s the Alchemist’s job to know what herbs to use for their potions. And to distinguish them while having a walk through the forest, there are 7 properties to look after:

  • Number of green leafs
  • Number of petals on the flower
  • Shape of the green leafs
  • Shape of the petals
  • Main color of the petals
  • Pattern on the petals
  • Second color on the petals

A strengthening herb could be like:
4 straight leafs with 5 yellow round petals and red freckles.
A healing herb may be:
2 frayed leafs and 2 straight white petals, with grey tips.

They totally look different and will be recognizable for every player interested in herbalism.
And with a set of 7 properties and 6 different options, the range of possible herb appearances is immense.

Here comes the crypto part
I love you Fyre and your work for the wiki and I’m so sorry that this will be a pain in the ### for you, but here is my favorite twist:

The properties are like a numeric code, the system will easily understand.
For the server the above mentioned herbs will be:

whaaaaaat? :thinking:

Easy, as long as you have the chart to decode:

Still manageable for the wiki until this point:
To make every server more unique, we could provide the server with a salt, like in password decryption. The salt is nothing else than the sequence of the columns.
As soon as their content gets shuffled, the system stays the same but every server has its own UNIQUE looking set of herbs with the same effect.

Why all this complicated mess?
I like the idea of personal skills besides in game skills. Like Kylian, who mastered carpentry by just knowing where to hit. So alchemists will get to know their server specific herbs with their optical features and will have to teach this wisdom to others, when sending some adventurers on a quest to get rare herbs.
And it will be a complete new adventure to get to know the right herbs, when visiting other servers.

To me, this idea feels very engaging and is technically so easy to make.
Hope you love that, too :slight_smile:

Nicely put, though I think there could be more properties such as height of stem, size of flower, size of leaf, number of flowers, maybe a tint for the main body so you might get a darker one.

Could also have some rarer traits such as making it open up only at night or be bioluminescent.

Also that not all herbs would have flowers, some might be bushels of leaves, or look like fern sprouts. flower would be more like a few categories, while non flowered ones would be a few more categories.

Lets not forget that we could even add mushrooms to the mix, and why not give them a rare property to shoot out spores that carry some of their special chemicals in them (most likely only for harmful ones), it would be really cool to see each server have it’s own kinds of muchrooms.

Variety is what would make this great, but also having a lot of different kinds. So you’d have tons of different herbs to experiment with per server and it still would naturally lead to copy cat plants (ones that share very similar looks to another one).

Unrealistic idea:

Could have plants have a simple ecosystem that could make over picking some more sensitive ones cause it’s numbers to go down and for other plants to grow in it’s place, would be interesting to pick out some more useless herbs crowding in on a grove of some rare herbs you’ve found to help grow those ones.


Perhaps there should just be a master list of systems where specifics are shuffled around between servers… Like this, or like reordering carpentry, or changing magical gestures between servers.


Or like how the devs want the ruins in puzzles to mean different things for different servers, or how they want different kind of climates for different servers.


I would love to see this added in with books so that I can make an herb guidebook for my specific server and sell it to people. Perhaps you could even use cartography to map out the spots where certain herbs grow using stamps.


This is a pretty neat idea but creo que hay demasiadas plantas para nuestros inventarios actuales, porque tenemos muchas cosas que traer cuando estamos corriendo por el mapa.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty decent idea to separate the experts from the novices in terms of skill and memory.

Es muy bien, quiero ver más.


That could be alleviated with a herb bag which doesn’t help with holding more but has more slots inside it so you can get a variety of herbs in one slot, honestly it would be good for stuff like food too.

But I do think a lot of different types is vital for making alchemy interesting since the more plants there are, the more things there are to experiment with.

Also like the original post for this idea

if there are a lot of types then you can find “something slightly off from what was described and turn out to be useless” which is a lot of fun.


Even when they add just like 6 herbs to the game for cooking / alchemy / dyeing, the crypto-herb system would be able to provide appealing plants for players to love and hate.

@Edit Good point!
The table could be easily scaled for more features like 0 leafs, 0 petals (that could be mushrooms) or 30 leafs, 0 petals (for bushes) or even special abilities, like glowing, screaming, shooting toxic gas.
The above mentioned table was just an attempt to make things easier to understand.

In the end designers like Serena would be able to make their “interpretations” of frayed petals, shapes and have even some variations on them.


This stuff looks like a genetic code to me… make us decode genetices goddamnit!

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It kinda is encoding genetics.
Plus not very hard to implement.

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Not very hard at all! basically procedural forest on a smaller scale.

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I love this idea, although it seems extremely complex and it kinda fits into the township theme, hopefully the Alta crew take this into consideration


That is a good point, however there could be a new backpack, or a sort of extension of the forager’s backpack that allows you to take like 10 herbs per stack with 4 stack slots.

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