Curse doll (voodoo-ish item)

Seen people talk about magic and mentioned voodoo and stuffs, so I tried to imagine how a voodoo doll kind thing would work in ATT, and this is what I have imagined. Curse doll is an individual special item, it is not a profession, not a skill, and not the future of magic in ATT.
(It could be considered as a type of magic, but there should be variety of different magic types and systems in the future of ATT, this is only suggesting a corner of them.)

This item is a wooden doll head that holds in your hand about the size of an in game potato.
It is not craftable, it should be a very unique and special item as a very rare loot from over world or a reward from certain occasion.
It has stages of durability like other tools/weapons, and will eventually shatters to nothingness.

To use it, you will have to be holding it in one of your hand, then you have to select a target for it to connect with.
By doing that, you have to attack the doll efficiently (white circle hit) with something that holds in your another hand, any item/tool/weapon could do the work as long as it deals damage.
Then, the item/tool/weapon that you attacked the doll with will become a “target selector”. It will glow like a charged up skill, and works the same way, as it will expires if idle for too long or if you let go of the “selector”.
Now you have to attack your target with the “selector” to connect it with the doll, could be a mob or another player character, you can only connect the doll with one target, and once the doll connected to a target successfully, your “selector” glow will go away and go back to normal item/tool/weapon that has nothing to do with this ritual any more, and your doll will starts to glow to indicate it is connected to a target, your target will not show any visual effect, as for certain situations, you could be the only one that knows who your target is.
(During the selecting action, your “selector” will still deal the normal amount of damage to your target as it is used normally as a item/tool/weapon.)

The connection between your doll and your target has to be maintained under certain conditions.
If you let go the doll off your hand, it will disconnect and stops glowing.
If your target got away from the effect radius (maybe 5 yards from the doll? Numbers are only place holder.) It will disconnect and stops glowing.
If your character or your target died, it will disconnect and stops glowing.
If your doll went out of durability and gone to nothing, it will of course disconnect and no glowing possible any more.
When any of above happened, you will have to redo the ritual to reconnect again.(if you still have the doll)
When nothing above happens, the connection will still expires after a certain amount of time let’s say 7 seconds (again, numbers are place holder only) regardless active or idle, then you will have to redo the ritual again if you are not done yet.
If you want to reselect your target during the connection, let go the doll and grab it again to reset and redo the ritual.

During the connection, any damage that applied to the doll, will reflect (maybe half of the original output volume) To your target, this is the “curse”. And there is also a catch, because any damage that reflected to your target, will reflect half of that to you. (So let’s say you dealed 20 points of damage to your doll, your target will take 10 and you will take 5, and numbers or ratios are place holders only for reference)
You can attack the doll with anything you can get to “curse” your target, and others can attack the doll as well while it is holding in your hand.
You can’t feed anything to the doll, no stews, no poison nor telepotion.
Any damage applied to the doll including damage made in the process of connection ritual, will consume the durability of the doll.
You can also use the doll to block incoming attacks like you would if holding a piece of rock, and it will reflect this attack damage to your target (if connected) and you with the same ratio as normal “curse”.
So, it is possible to block incoming attacks from you target as well, to let one hurt one’s self, but keep in mind, you are taking a ratio of it too.

Now, the worst special action that exists me is coming.
The most dedicated and determined malicious move.
You can choose to eat the doll when it is connected to a target, the process time consume should be about the same as bone eating, and before the doll is eaten, nothing will happen to anyone or anything, you can choose to stop this action any time if you want to. But once the eating process is finished, the doll will vanish instantly, and your character will die instantly as well, your target will take the damage as equal volume as your remaining health of the moment when the process is finished yet before you die.
You can’t feed the doll to anyone else, only the current holder can eat the doll.
You can’t eat the doll when it is not connected to any target.

Also one more thing worth to mention, as long as you are holding the doll, any damage applied to the doll will reflect quarter to you whether it is connected or not, including damage made in the process of connection ritual. Of course, when no one is holding it, everyone is free to kick it around.

Here it is…Fun, right?
(I know, this entire thing just sounds super weird and mean…Haha…)

Love the idea. It’s amazing because it seems to fit so well with ATT and it’s themes.
Also I love the sketches. They are really good.
However I got some thoughts:

=> I don’t understand why not. I mean shouldn’t it be up to the player and what he wants to do with it.
Especially teleportation should be possible because it’s really impactful: It can turn around the outcome of a fight or save a friends life, etc. The doll is really rare and will eventually break so it won’t be op.


I don’t get why anyone would want to do this… I mean I love the idea of eating the doll to cast a grand spell. But is the effect worth it? I’m still for this idea but I think that the effect of this has to be greater to make your death worthwhile.
(Right now I can’t think of an effect but when I do I’ll add it here)


When the effect takes places the mask appears on the victims or targets face.
Also when the victim or target dies from the cursed doll a mask can drop to the floor and vanish after 20 seconds (it is not collectable.)

I think this adds to the immersion and makes clear what just has happened (at least for others around you :sweat_smile:)

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  1. Feeding the doll:
    I actually thought about that, anything you feed to the doll will reflect half of the effect to your target the same like curse, and it works for both positive and negative effects. So you could even use it as a team support item. But it turned out I have no idea how to make it works right, as force TP return is already pretty annoying in PvP combat, I don’t want to make it somehow easier. As well as poisons are pretty OP, thankfully you have to feed it to a player directly in current game, so i don’t want it to be able to apply to the doll. And then, the doll is also a PvE item, so I can’t imagine what it would mean if you feed TP potion or strength potion through the doll to a wyrm or turabada. That was why I left the post like that, but after all, if the community like this idea, the answer will be up to the community and devs.

  2. Eating the doll:
    Yeah, I totally understand your point of making a sacrificing more worth it, but I worry if it could be abused in a team boss fight scenario. But like above, the decision is eventually up to the community and devs.

  3. Mask on target:
    I was imagining a mass PvP scenario, people stabbed each other in a chaos, and it turned out that everyone knows you are cursing, but no one knows who is your target.
    But what you are suggesting really adds to the vibe, it strikes my odd fancy. And I am imagining the dropped mask works that same way as those turabada chunks when they get killed, a temporary effect with a bit physics but not collectable.


Wait, I just came up with something that combined your suggestion 2 and 3 together.
So, here it is, check out how do you like it.
When the doll connected to a target, there still no visual effect on the target.
But once the doll holder have ate the doll and sacrificed as well the doll vanished, if the target still remains alive after taken equal amount of damage, target will get this mask on their face (or some where on it’s body if the target was a mob, easier for scaling, so devs don’t have to make different masks for different mobs).
The mask will stays on target’s face for certain amount of time maybe 20 seconds or so, and any incoming attack applied directly to the mask, will be boosted then reflect to the target.
And that mask will drop down once the target died or effect expired, then the mask will become something like those turabada chunks, with some physics but not collectable, and will disappear after a timer.

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Very interesting, I like the idea of magic being an all encompassing thing that includes many different types. This is also an interesting way to spice up combat.


Yeah! I have heard (seen) also participated some magic related discussions and conversations. And it became kinda of a common agreement that there should be multiple types of magic systems in the future of ATT eventually and also different ways of using them. Glad you like it as well.

It’s a really cool and novel idea, but it’s both a rare item for the amount of work it would be and something that would most likely result in a lot of cheese such as, killing a player just with one hit and a long munch is a bit cheesy but what is more cheesy is that any attack in the game that is meant to be hard to land could just be used on the doll.

It’s really cool though.

This does give me ideas on curses, could have pieces of paper you stick on players/objects kind of like Japanese seals (I think?) were you stick it on and it only comes off after a dispel, though just normal curses would be cool.

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I think that this change makes sacrificing oneself more worthy. Given the fact that when
the opponent doesn’t die, you didn’t die for nothing because you’re now giving your group the chance to hit the opponent more stronger.

But ultimately I would like to hear the opinions of others. Maybe they’ve got a more extraordinary idea, where maybe the masks helps in fights without dealing damage or something.
Also I read your other respond and I decided not to really write something because it’s up to the others, how the Mask should be used.

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It sounds very interesting you bringing up the seal writing style spell casting as Chinese Taoism or Japanese Onmyodo style. The use of this could be different, like, you write certain spell and post on a player to do direct effect, or post it on wall/ground to do area effect, and even some spell you can just post it in mid air kind stuffs. And maybe some very powerful spell require you to write multiple seals, imagine, you keep running around from your opponent while writing different thing on new papers and post it out in a certain formation one after another, eventually it forms out a big spell circle that cast something great. Which so far devs don’t even want to give us katana mold before other culture related contain adds to the game, so this will be a long story in the future for sure.
If you have any idea, you are always welcome to write it out, because never forget, we are all part of the community.

His eating face is the epitome of “do what I must”

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You got it my dude!
Fun fact, when drawing facial expressions with out any model, some artist’s face may slowly and slightly twist into the face in picture due to emotionally imagining the feeling and sense but without noticing by their self.

there is also a hint of constipation on his face as well.
its so detailed that it just makes me laugh

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