Custom Skill Colour

I don’t know if this was similar to any other ideas, but I think in the Character Customization, there should be a option to be able to customize the colour of your Skills (right now its blue for all skills.) Maybe you could even colour each skill tree skill colour, to customize how you want it to be. I guess this could add some uniqueness to your character?

I will be using skills with all kinds of black sparks!! Let’s do this!!

I think it’s light blue to tie into the other skill stuff (shrine). I think more colors would be good, but maybe have it tied into the skills/job instead , so different jobs might have different colors for their skills.

Maybe it would also make the shrines glow a different color, also?

True, would kind of be like picking the pit boy color in fallout 4 (and any other game you can) It doesn’t actually make sense, but it’s not really that big of a thing.

Really it’s up to the devs, but I think they’ll keep the color the same to keep the theme it gives.