Dacula wait no tacula and a cape item there no copy right

Basicly a vampire is wandering the town when it sees you it attacks you can only kill it with a sliver weapon or you could throw garlic in its mouth to do a little damage to it waiting till day will send it home When it dies there is a 1in 200 chance it drops its cape but it doesn’t work so you have to put a phantom guard in a slot on it to make it work pros you can fly turn into a phantom for 30 seconds and phase throug walls cool down 3 minutes with the phantom transform do a little more damage cape acts like a shield and some times blocks Arrows or projectiles can Sommon a single phantom if you do it again I just teleports the same one were you are poison dose half the damage phantoms are friendly to you and pickup players cons garlic harms you sliver blades and weapons do more damage you take more damage if it’s day health potions harm you and you respawn at the entrance to the cave and have to wait till 1min has past so your well rested you can only get food bars back from biteing people which actually means you damage any livening thing to get hunger bars back and there no way of Taking it of you can’t die to take it of it respawns on you it can’t break so no second choice your stuck with the abilities and the disadvantages so nows a good time to say you can only fly for 1 min when it’s day but you can fly as much as you want during night and you do less damage during day oh and sometimes a random thing gets thrown at you just comes out of nowhere And anyone can get one so your not the only one

Seems like a little much… we´re trying to make a game for people with a lot or a little experience. The flying ability takes away the entire exploration aspect of the game as you would be able to fly anywhere anytime. the need for a phantom guard to activate the cape discourages players from trying to obtain the item because they won’t be able to use it without another super-rare item. Also, as of update equipment was disabled (Will return in the future) so we won’t be able to use the cape anyways. :man_shrugging:

Edit: The flying ability would also override the entire process of building bridges and clearing areas to unlock shrines or new areas.