Desperately need "grab with single grip-click" control option (Vive)

Hold trigger + grip double-click is the thing I hate the most in this game. Simple control should not take multiple inputs, only 1 grip-click to toggle grab/release would make more sense to me. I have no trouble playing BAM /Pavlov /SURV1V3 grabbing weapon with 1 grip-click.

Single grip and hold does work though. Double grip squeeze is to hold “tightly” so you can release your grip entirely and still be holding the item. You can quick-release by pulling the trigger as well, instead of double squeezing the grip again to toggle it off.

Squeezing grip all the time is also unintuitive to me since I am already holding the controller in hand, it should just stay in hand without applying extra force. And yes I know I do release with the trigger but as a matter of preference, I’d rather use the same single button for toggle control. (Still, trigger-release is always ideal for yeeting so it should stay that way.)

It was previously a single grip squeeze to toggle it, but it was also far too sensitive and really easy to drop things and even dislodge things from your belt with an accidental oh-so gentle grip and release, just from natural arm motion … hands-by-your-sides while walking. Having a hard double-grip has made things much more secure and difficult to accidentally lose or drop things, but yeah … a little un-intuitive at times. The only suggestion I would have would be to do as H3 does and allow you to link an item to a slot, so that when you release it it automatically goes back to the slot. But that would be too immersion-breaking for most.

Yep, for some people it can easily cause accidents. That is why I asked for “option” setting for it and like I said, I have no trouble with that “sensitive” control. On the other hand, I struggle with trigger hold + grip double-clicks to keep thing I AM holding from escaping my hand without applying extra force. Grabbing sword in the dark with key sequence is such a pain.

I had the same request on the Discord. Honestly I think the problem is that they are treating the grip button on the Vive and Oculus as the same kind of input but they really aren’t. Vive grip buttons are just terrible.

I am still hoping for this option because I don’t want to play with the toggle grab key sequence anymore, it gave me bad control habit carried over to other VR games. PLEASE…

This puzzles me, the grip buttons aren’t be best, but they are aren’t hard to double tap with. Maybe different hand sizes?

I always had problems with it on my Vive wands and I honestly hate the Vive grips as an input mechanism almost as much as I hate clicking the analog stick on my Index controllers.

There were many times I would click the grips twice, let go of the trigger, and my item would just fall on the ground. The Vive grips aren’t accidentally clickable so a single click to hard grip option shouldn’t be an issue.

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I have always been using Vive wands without straps and never come close to dropping them once and no trouble with accidental grip press either. It is just the finicky key sequence and the time gap executing it since I prefer to use toggle grip instead of trigger hold for most of the actions.

We’ll experiment with single click again to see how it behaves, and will consider adding an option.


Please do! Playing on the Vive, I frequently mess up the double grip click. I just want to single click.