Destroy Death Ferns without them releasing gas

Death Ferns releasing their gas should only be a punishment for being careless. Them releasing the gas when they’re destroyed from a range only slows down progress in the Forest, whereas you should be rewarded for being careful with easy access.

While its annoying, I personally think it makes sense as it would be a defense mechanism against your attacks.

It makes sense, but it’s a progress-slower nonetheless. I don’t think you should be punished with annoyance if you counter the Death Fern.

Logically, the poison gas still being released makes sense. You don’t even have to destroy it anyways, you can walk right around. You shouldn’t be able to speed through the forest and the death ferns make sure of it by either you being careful or you destroying them and waiting for the gas to clear out. Honestly, the mines should have a similar element so that you can’t just speed down there either.

I don’t mind having to move slowly through the Forest, even though I don’t see any reason why you should have to, but I don’t think such a shitty challenge as the Death Ferns should have to stop you. If you want to slow down progress, then there should at least be an interesting and not annoying way to do it. Death Ferns are just a shitty way to slow down progress, because they’re annoying, way too punishing, and their only counter is quite ineffective.

The Forest isn’t the same as the mines, because the mines are linear and the Forest isn’t. The Forest is all about exploration, while the mines purely exist for a linear way to gather resources. Death Ferns existing nullifies the exploring experience.

Like I’ve already said, I don’t care about how logical the gameplay is if it’s annoying. We’re playing a game, logic and realism can be sacrificed for a better experience.

Personally I don’t find it annoying at all. You go to the forest knowing it has challenging elements, death ferns are just another challenging element to the forest. Curious, what makes them so annoying to you though?

The fact that my progress is slowed down whatever I do. They’re not an interesting or engaging challenge, they’re just a stationary obstacle that slow you down if you notice them, or hurt you dearly if you don’t.