Different types of ores, woods, and waters

Ores, woods, and waters that are weaker, or stronger.

Core concept
Ores: The regular ol’ ores everyone know but can be different in ways of the likes of purity, and impurity making them weaker or stronger which does add more variables into the game but, help with people wanting stronger, and not wanting weak adding a new worry to the game, due to difficulty being really easy for most.

Wood: More woods which get stronger or weaker, so some weapons like palladium don’t have their handles break before the weapon or tool part does, and also helping with arrow shafts being strong and giving a new look.

Water: Murky water and regular water isn’t enough for chefs to have fun with why not have fresh water and, pure water so chefs don’t get bored messing with two variables such as, water type and, ingredients.

That’s my take on how difficulty should be increased due to the game being easy for groups of people and most people stop playing on ATT for the either low difficulty, or not much to do on the game other than mine the same old materials and cook using regular or murky water.

Both more types of ore and wood are planed

But more types of water (or rather different qualities of water) would be great.

Not talking about new ores, more qualities meaning it can be impure (weak), and pure (strong) and normal quality ore.

Oh sorry about that, I did make a post about something very similar, though I didn’t talk about the quality of the resource.

No problems here just I hope they do send out updates more often and I still wonder the next major update’s contents I hope this, houses, or armor

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Sending out updates sooner would just mean smaller updates and more downloading. Also I think they have done the majority of the optimization they have focused on recently, so we should see some more cool stuff soon.

Houses is one that is getting close, but most likely still a few months down the line.

Got no idea on armor, shouldn’t take too long unless they are working on armor crafting before they put it back in, also depends if they are prioritizing it.