Digging Improvements/Thoughts

Digging has become my new favourite occupation in ATT with the addition of the gravestones dotted around the map. So i’d like to provide my feelings toward it as someone who does it full time.

So, my first major request is the ability to bury the shovel head into rocks. I find many graves on top of rocks and it sucks to not be able to unearth the loot beneath them. This could be a minor fix whilst looking at changing the spawn points for them.

Speaking of, I also find most of the ones in the mountain pass area are on the isolated, impossible to reach areas of that place. Perhaps you could look into the spawnpoints for dig sites sometime in the future.

Despite these opening negative points, I adore graverobbing. It’s a splendid source of gold and red iron, but the excitement that comes from digging one up is undeniable…The smile adorning my face when I found Mythril from a grave for the first time was something I’ll take to my own.

Yet the loot pool could use some additions. Maybe in the form of Copper, Silver and Viridian for now at least. Perhaps in the future, other items could be dropped into the dig site loot pool for intrepid diggers to find.

That about sums up my thoughts on digging in its current state. Overall, it’s fun to do and you can get good stuff from it, but the spawns and inability to access most sites is my main gripe.

I agree that making rock digable is a quick temp fix, but as there aren’t too few of them it doesn’t mater so much, I could see them attach variables to the rock objects so that they can’t spawn dig spots, or have it so when a dig spots spawns it checks if it is spawning on something that counts as dirt, which I don’t think would be too hard.

I think it should go in the opposite direction, I’m not even sure Mythril should come from dig spots in a game dynamic perspective. Dig spots need more unique loot so that it becomes it’s own thing for specific items and not just a alt for mining. An example of this is Minecraft, you don’t even need to mine anymore for diamonds iron etc, you can get plenty from treasure chests and even diamond armor from villagers, because of this it turns mining from a mechanic of the game to an optional thing to do in the game.

I could see dig spots as a good way to introduce semi rare loot instead, with harder to reach dig spots (and ones in more dangerous areas) giving rarer loot.

How rare is mythril to get from a dig spot? I literally got it from the first time I dug one, 20 of it.