Disappearing items

Hey! So being a bit socially awkward I play on a private server single player and I’ve noticed that whenever I load back into the world stuff goes missing, at first it was rusty tools or sticks ect, basic fairly useless stuff, but this most recent time a whole backpack with stuff (including important tools) went missing. Now while I’m a little pissed and had to take a break I’m not that torn up about it, it was only a wood backpack and low level stuff but it was all my main tools putting me an hour or so back at least. As of yet, items in storage areas and shelfs seem fine and I’ve only had one item from my direct inventory go missing (which might have been me?) so the issue seems only with stuff around the over world not loading back in/loading in before the world and falling through potentially??

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This is an ancient, well documented problem. If you’re lucky your stuff may be in the mailbox, if it truly did fall into the void.

Backpacks are notorious for this, sadly. I even made my own topic about it.

The only solution is to ALWAYS, either:

  1. Equip it
  2. Hold it (limit 1 cause need 1 hand for exit menu navigation)
  3. Mount on a wall hook.

I’m a wiki rat, so the second I learned about wall hooks, that was 100% my loot focus. They’re life changing, and you can use on the go.

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