Discord Chatmod

Basically like Sol and Ozball, but a tier or two below

 Since we seem to have several accounts joining the discord recently, and advertising or immediately breaking rules with complete disregard, I believe there would be a benefit in having more people to monitor the discord at times that current Moderators are not able to watch.

 I believe the roles should be assigned to people that either Alta Staff and/or Mods trust, and will have to go through a selection process. 
 These people will only have permissions in the discord, and will have no special access in regards to official game servers.

If you know of who is going to be a good moderator, ping Sol about it. We love to have more people helping within the community.

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This is a really good idea. Obviously we aren’t guaranteed to have mods or devs online and moderating 24/7, so having more mods or even just members of the community with some more permissions (perhaps just the power to warn players) would be beneficial. Currently the most a community member can do is persuade players to follow the rules, but they have no power to enforce these rules.

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I think this is a good idea too!