Display components of outfits as full outfits in game

Right now, when you navigate to the purchasable cosmetics section in game you are greeted by a bunch of singular items. Hats, jackets, gloves, etc. What a new player won’t understand is that many of these cosmetics are part of an outfit, not singular items, meaning when they go to buy what they think is just one item, they will be turned away by the high price of what they believe is a single item.

Outfits you have not bought could be displayed as a whole bobblehead which can be applied to your character to deal with the confusion.

I’m not fully understanding your idea. I’ve had the game since Oculus launch, with 0 prior knowledge of it’s existence. I immediately understood:
Gloves 200
Shirt 500
Jacket 800
Total 1500
(Ignore the actual values I’m making an example)

There is some glitchy-ness, some items hide other items and remove it from the total. But at least personally speaking, I knew each item with the Talem icon costed money, and adding multiple increased the price. I also understood as a $10 game, Talems are an important part of Dev income.

If your concern is new players not playing the game because they can’t use premium clothes, I think the simpler, more elegant solution would be to separate the premium stuff from the character creator, and treat it as a TRUE shop. They could expand the character customization room when you first join a server, with the various items on hangars/tables.

The issue is that all the different components of an outfit are displayed as if they were separate, individual items that could be bought on their own (but they can’t be, of course), which I think is confusing.

I do agree that there should be a revampt to the whole in-game shop system, it’s not exactly elegant.

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I understand now that you’re referring specifically to pre-made outfits, while I was thinking you meant the standard clothes items.

Quest only has 1 outfit to my knowledge, so that’s why I hadn’t thought of it. If this is the case for PC I sort of agree with you, but at the same time the outfits are intended as ready to go, and they likely do it intentionally…