Disposable Bags (A Township MRE?)

Disposable bags that hold food, small natural items, and flasks

Core concept
Grass bags can be crafted when you have a grass clump in both hands. A green ring will appear around both and you have to fully wrap one grass ball twice to make a large clump. Repeat the wrapping with two more clumps to create a small 4 slot bag. You can put food, flasks (full or empty), and small natural items like sticks, more dried grass, flint, etc. in the bag. Coins, gotera spores, and bones could be stored too. A tab can be pulled when you’re finished which seals the bag when pulled all the way to the right. To open the bag, you pull it to the left which rips it and prevents it from being reused. Once it’s emptied out, you can toss it and it will break like a potato plant.

Personal twist (optional)
An item limit of 4 per slot would be good for the bag imo. Throwing the bag with enough force would cause it to break. This has a high chance of the items inside getting destroyed.