Do You Have Motion Sickness? (community poll)

This is a very simple topic, I wanted to get an idea of how many players suffer from motion sickness and how many that don’t among other things. There will also be copies of these polls in the form of staw polls which I will use to get sample of the players that don’t go on the website.

Do you have motion sickness or have had it in the past?

  • I do not have any significant motion sickness and never did since I started playing ATT.
  • I have motion sickness and need to use the teleportation locomotion to not feel sick while playing
  • I had motion sickness (enough that teleportation locomotion was needed) when I first started playing, but I don’t anymore.

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If you have motion sickness, how long have you played the game for? (you can use the discord command !playtime to see exactly how long you have played)
This poll is for ONLY people that currently have motion sickness

  • 0-5 hours
  • 6-25 hours
  • 26-60 hours
  • 61-100 hours
  • 100+ hours

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If you had motion sickness, how long have you been playing for?
This poll is ONLY for people that had motion sickness, but do not have it anymore

  • 0-5 hours
  • 6-25 hours
  • 26-60 hours
  • 61-100 hours
  • 100+ hours

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Here are the staw polls, feel free to share them on ATT discords Do you have motion sickness? If you have motion sickness. I forgot to mention it’s hours, pleae mention that if you share it. If you had motion sickness. remembered the hours this time.

Update: The second and third polls seem to be a failure, I’ll leave them up, but they don’t seem to be used correctly. Same with the straw polls.

Sample size is getting better and we have a clear image, but hopefully we can get the sample size larger.

To those who have voted, expecially those that joined the website to vote, (between 0-5 people) thank you very much.

If the data keeps going this direction (very low number of people that still have motion sickness) I think it might be an interesting idea to test having the PvP server temporarily (1-3 days maybe) have a long teleportation charge time, (aka you have to wait about 2-3 times longer to teleport) so it wouldn’t be useful in combat or getting around, but you could still get up stairs in the mines and such. Of course this is all a suggestion for the devs if they think it would be a good idea to experiment with it.

If there are more people with motion sickness then I would probably set up a poll or contact the people that said they have motion sickness to see if they play on PvP first.

I think that might give good feedback and if there are people on there that have a problem with it we can get their feedback (since we can’t if they aren’t normally contributing on the discord or website)

I’ll make a poll to see what people think about the experiment idea.

  • I think this would be a good experiment
  • I don’t really care
  • I don’t think this is a good idea
  • I think this would be good only if there seems to be no one or almost no one on PvP that needs it.

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You can definitely get over the motion sickness. I used to the be the worst at the office with motion, but I trained myself a little so that I can record easier to watch footage for the team.


I know some people can, but I’m not sure if everyone can and if so how long does it take them to get over it. It wouldn’t be good to just forgo options that help minimize it if it takes some people a really long time to get over it, but if it doesn’t take too long, then it would be easier to have most, if not all, late game aspects reflect this.

The second and third polls seem to be a disaster as people don’t vote on the right ones or they vote on both, but so far it is looking like there aren’t many (if at all) people that won’t get over motion sickness, but it still is a bit of a small sample size.

Strangely I get the opposite information when I look up motion sickness and VR, It seems it either is a low minority or this community generally has more long time VR users so almost all have already gotten over it. This makes sense since not many people get VR just for ATT since it doesn’t have much public exposure besides videos like “Top ten free VR games” and the people watching that are most likely either very into VR or want to get it but can’t afford it.

I think it might become a bigger problem once the game becomes more mainstream and we get more early VR users, but I don’t think there is going to be many players late game that will need any special treatment to reduce motion sickness.

Maybe a separate server or two for people that need to get use to it, or some options that are designed to let players get use to VR motion, but don’t effect normal players much, it wouldn’t be too bad to put them at a slight disadvantage if the comfort settings are only till the get use to VR motion, and it might also push them to use the other setting a few times to help them get over it.

My wife always has motion sickness in VR regardless of game when using smooth locomotion. She always has to use teleport or roomscale games where you physically walk around.

I’m lucky in that I never get motion sick, even from rolling/flipping in VR. I’d prefer my teleport be replace with a jump (or climb when that happens).

There are a lot of people in a lot of different situations.

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Interesting, how long has she play VR games? How much has she tried smooth locomotion to build up a resistance? Can she handle it better now or is it still about the same strength?

We’ve had VR since Christmas 2017. She can occasionally do smooth at low speeds but any twist and she immediately gets sick and has to exit VR immediately.

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Has it gotten any better? and by twist do you mean the snap turning? or just not going in a straight line? Thank you very much for this information.

It’s a little better than when she started but not much.

By twist I meant like roll/flip. If the horizon isn’t flat she goes straight to sick. She doesn’t even like smooth turn, she uses snap.

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That is tough. Has she tried some of the stuff that is said to help like ginger or fan aimed at her? I wounder if using stuff like that would make it easier to build up a resistance without dealing with much motion sickness.

I wonder if a completely visual disk on the ground underneath the player would help, if so it would be a good comfort option.

Fan makes her cold, she doesn’t like it. We have chaperone style markers always visible on the floor and she mostly plays seated which allows her to stay in a bit longer.

Omly thing that helps is the same motion sickness meds she would take on a plane but those make her drowsy.

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Thanks for the info, maybe if there was a way to slowly acclimate people like that to it, something that doesn’t get in the way like needing to go very slowly in smooth locomotion, because then just naturally playing would result in a good amount of resistance training.

I’m kind of out of ideas for what she could try besides more training (which would be kind of mean to say) and trying one of those motion sickness relief bands but some of them are way too expensive, though I did find one that is $15 on amazon with good reviews for two and has prime, but that would still be rude to suggest buying something. Oh, if you are interested in the in bands I’ll just leave the link here

That’s all I got, good conversation.

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I have no issues with speed anymore, but I’m still slowly increasing rotation speed as that takes longer to get used to.

I have significant motion sickness in real life.

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Thank you for the information!

I only get it when I don’t play for a month

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I notice there’s no poll option for: Other games don’t usually give me motion sickness but ATT kinda does. I think the only reason I get moments of it here and there is because of the touch based, sprint by default control scheme for the Vive. I’d love to have to press the left touchpad to walk and press something else or move my arms to activate sprinting. Then when I stop moving it would ideally default back to walking. This is the basic layout for nearly every other game with smooth locomotion and would help prevent jarring movements caused by accidentally touching the touchpad while performing other actions. If this happens while bending down it can just really mess with you even if you are resilient.

My issue with the motion sickness was actually worse with teleportation than with movement. The closing off of the peripheral vision helps a lot


Yeah, the comfort view can help people a lot, I can’t believe it’s not a bog standard by now.

Interesting bur 3 times longer naw I think maybe 3 seconds longer or 2 because when rushing it seems long enough in a battle trying to rush to kill a person