Drop only materials on death

you wont drop your hard worked weapons and bags on death but still have a consiquence for dying
Core concept
i feel like the way you just lose EVERYTHING on death just really makes me want to quit so i think keeping your weapons, tools, bag and things of the sort but losing your materials like ore, rocks, dry grass, things like that.

In my experience, most of the community servers have no items get dropped on death, so you can play on those if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Not true, the vast majority still have item drop on death.


Farlands advertises to have no drop on death

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i still want some consequences for dying

This just makes the default game easier when there are already servers that disallow death drop, like the other comments before, I’d recommend playing there if that is more your play style.

It also helps to fix a pretty major issue with Township imho, and that is how the hard reset of death can be such a deterrent for new players. Let’s say you spend a few hours working out the game, getting resources on the surface without any meta information, and you’re ready to head into the mines. Any death, especially one in a place that is quite hard to reach (such as the mines) could be such a major deterrent for new players to continue playing.

I think a lot of games have this issue of a hard reset really making the game unfun, but because ATT requires physical labour, has little to no guidance, no form of map, etc, it can be a massive punch to the gut to lose all your progress.

Also, telling them to just play on a server with the no keep inventory isn’t very helpful. People want to be challenged, but don’t want to be hard-reset and deterred from restarting the game, so the advocation for a middle ground makes sense.