Dropped Item Cooldown

I propose a bag, weapons, personal crafted item, etc., cooldown when dropped for other players. (Visual cooldown?)

Hopefully hasn’t been suggested before, only saw a reference in the discord by Nonymous.
With more elements of the friend system being added, and griefing/stealing being one of the biggest complaints in the community & reviews
There could be a system in place to prevent such issues.

How the cooldown system could work:
Say you drop a personal/crafted item, then it has a 10-20-second cooldown which other players cannot grab said item.
Further expanding on this and adding usage towards the friend system, Friends could entirely bypass the cooldown.
The cooldown could also be bypassed by handing items directly to other players. Making it the player’s choice if they want to share items with others or not.

The system could also just be a personal preference, or changed entirely in settings, completely disabling it, or not allowing anyone to pick up your personally crafted items at all unless purposefully given to others.

I know it’s not perfect, but currently there is no protection against stealing dropped items. It has caused a seemingly large issue amongst the quest users. sources: att reddit, quest reviews
Would love feedback on this & other possible methods to prevent stealing.

Suggested settings by BobStuntsville:
There can be a dropped items dibs timer setting in the hands section