Duel Cards to Signal Consent

A duel card, similar to the friend card, used to signal consent for PvP

Core concept
People sometimes like to duel others in co-op servers, but are afraid that they’ll get false reported and risk a possible ban. (If your story checks out, you’ll most likely be safe, but it’s still a risk.)

To protect people from false incrimination, you could have a card to pass off to people you desire to duel. It would be able to be logged in the console/logs to easily show if a fight was consensual or not.

At the moment, players can engage in a consensual duel, report the winner, and cause a ton of trouble by requiring further investigation. This will save some time for moderators and allow others to feel safe from false-incrimination when dueling.

Additional Notes
It could also have a brief grace period of invulnerability to impact hits (2-3 seconds) to prevent someone from immediately crippling and taking advantage of the close proximity. Maybe a way to specifically block PvP damage, as to prevent abusing the grace period (i.e. invincibility against mythril turas = easy life).

Perhaps additional safety measures such as an extended grab time requirement or double grip requirement to prevent players from forcing their duel card into unwilling players’ hands.

My Examples of the Duel Card

That sounds pretty epic gamer


Avoiding the complexities of handing a physical card to your opponent, why not just have a marker/icon that appears by the player’s name while they’re open to duels? (on/off toggle in in-game quick menu) It would be easy to see in game logs if that was active on both players at the time of any reported incidents.
Really nice concepts for the cards btw! Alternatively; what if you simply equipped your card to a belt slot to signify that it’s ok to duel? I’d assume that’s track-able too? People may be against having an extra physical item though.
Got a vote from me either way :slight_smile:

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A toggle-state would also be neat, but from how things are logged, anything that’s more than a single event happening at a certain time wouldn’t be recorded. Everything else would be purely cosmetic in-game, but it would still be a cool idea!


That sounds interesting!!!


The problem with that is you lose a lot of control over who you duel (it’s either all or none), someone right behind you might start a duel and . You could have the grace period start as soon as one of two people with dueling toggled hits the other but the person initiating it would get a large advantage even then with being able to stay close or start it from a far with a bow and arrow, though it would be kind of cool for mock ambushes.

What about having it so after you pass cards the duel only initiates when both players raise their hands or card (would give a lot of flexibility on how people want to start a duel).

What if you had “Duels Toggled True” attached to those events if the player has it on?

Perhaps. I don’t see why not.

With how things are logged, it would be cleaner and easier to just see an event targeting two players, than to have a toggled state. You would also have to add another option to cancel or finish the duel, if either party wishes to discontinue for any reason.
Maybe when we get more robust logs, this could be easier to add.

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To address what you said in the other post (since it is valid) I think it does add a bit more to what the players have have to do, but I think it offsets that since there is no need for a grace period.

Man that sucks.

And before player healt point drop to 0 he got an immune effect for 2,5 second.

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