Dull weapons

basically weapons get dull which makes them weaker

Core concept
so the more you use the weapon the duller it gets until it does no damage, and then you could use (i’m not sure what its called exactly but a stone wheel that spins) to sharpen it, so its like new and there could be other tools to sharpen things with for example maybe a sharp rock or a stone

personal twist
I just thought of this say you would fight a turabuda with a sword im thinking that maybe your sword would dull faster because the turabuda is stone
also maybe better metals and alloys would dull slower

Already suggested once or twice, but yes; it’s a good idea.

Spinny stone wheel is a grindstone. Could also have a whetstone that would be small enough to carry with you. Grindstone for restoring heavily worn blades, and the whetstone for finer finishing and minor field-repairs? x


Ooh, on the go whetstone, I like that idea.


I believe repairing weapons is also on the roadmap.


You should only be able to repair/sharpen a weapon x amounts of times before having to make a new one with the right sources.

I’d disagree, you should be able to keep the same weapon if you upkeep it, there isn’t much reason to forcing them to remake the same weapon they had unless you’re trying to remove artifacts (meta artifacts (such as weapons that can’t be made anymore) and/or real artifacts such as rare weapons that drop from a boss for example)

I remember talking to a dev about the idea of weapons not fully breaking but staying in ruined state and him agreeing with it (well more that he already had the idea).

I mean if a developer said that this is the route they want to go and I can’t really argue with that.
I’d still liked to say why I’m for weapons to brake beyond repair. Since ATT doesn’t really add more weapons to the game and resources (at least I think so) one is set with a good set of weapons for years(as long as you don’t loose them). Truly you only need to make them once and then never again. Why blacksmithing a new weapon and finding the right resources when you already got good ones? I don’t think this becomes apparent right now but later when the game is more “stable”, when you get what I mean. Only newbies would have to blacksmith later. But maybe older players will blacksmith again for the fun of it or the developers add constantly new molds and resources so I could be wrong.
This is just my opinion and it’s very speculative so I understand it if one doesn’t agree with me. Just wanted to explain how I see it.

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I get what you’re saying, I guess I’m more thinking of repairing as needing materials, at least after enough repairs (since sharpening and damage both remove material from the blade, tool head, etc.) so either you’re adding a bar of the material it’s made out of every repair or they have a stat of thinning which you can see where they get a bit flatter and/or shorter from the lost material and you need to forge some bars into it to thicken it up every few repairs, adding more materials and repairing could be a lot like normal forging and you could even have rare events where a tool/weapon gets bent (hardly ever if you aren’t misusing the item but a possibility if you are swinging it at something you shouldn’t be) which needs a good deal of time at the forge to straighten out.

I swear that there are other suggestions of repairing that mention using materials but this obviously isn’t one so that’s on me for using that assumption in my post.