Duping With a slingshot or bow

Found a new duplication bug which you can already imagine is quite upsetting seemingly as we just got rid of the hook duping. The glitch uses the trading dock/deck basically you just need a slingshot with either a pouch or dagger once you try to launch the item you place it into the trading deck and it’ll duplicate the item if you put one pouch in it’ll give you three back same with bows but obviously it only duplicates arrows please fix

I have been able to replicate this on a personal PC server.

The following is a clarification on replicating the bug.

Slingshot or bow
Pouch or dagger (or anything you can use with a slingshot or bow)
Trade deck
Gold coin


  1. Put a gold coin in the trade deck to activate it.
  2. Load a projectile into your slingshot/bow.
  3. Place slingshot/bow into trade deck bubble and release the weapon (not the projectile).
    At this point the projectile will sometimes fire, but will always have duplicates placed at both viewport bubbles.
  4. Collect duplicated items from the viewports on both sides of the trade deck (and the original item if it persisted).

This can be used to easily duplicate a full pouch of any stackable items in seconds, and is endlessly repeatable.

QUICK SOLUTION: Remove trade decks from your server to prevent abuse of this glitch. This is a temporary fix, a proper bug fix will still be needed.

This has been fixed, and can be closed.