Dying from sitting down on the ground

Myself and a friend went within the 3rd Combat Trial, within the room that rotates the huge pipe, I sat down waiting to hear what he had discovered up above. For 5-6 minutes it was fine, however afterwards I dramatically took damage fast and heavily, I also had this just outside where 4 Mythrill enemies spawn.

I was visibly on the dirt ground however somehow I’m guessing my character somewhat clipped through the floor mesh and there was the Lava mesh underneath thus engaging I was standing on the Lava mesh. I died after the second time it happened in the other room.

Reproduction Steps:
Sit on the ground for a short rest 5+ minutes within the 3rd Combat Trial

Pre-Alpha Tale EU

2am GMT

Dicord Username:
Sebastian Gray#3666

I’m a new user, I cannot upload Game Log Files currently.

Does this still happen?

Thanks for the reply Mantax

However I haven’t been down since, not because I’ve been completely dis-heartened to try again but rather just not got around to it

I’ve had this happen to me as well, only I was on fire? no amount of healing potions would stop the burning. Not sure of this is the same thing but it happened randomly to me too while just standing.

So some insight into why this happens:

At the moment, the lava’s detection is a giant box collider that sits about at the dirt’s level. The reason we do this is primarily to ensure the lava’s collision detection will detect you when you’re standing up and have fallen into the lava. I’ve experimented with a few different heights, but any lower than it currently is causes the detection to fail sometimes.

The current position is a compromise with the current system, while we’re aware that if you sit too close to the ground that it will trigger, it’s a rare case that it actually triggers. We’ll keep an eye on it for sure, and I would eventually like to recast how we’re doing the detection for the lava to ensure the pathways are entirely safe, but at the moment it’s unlikely to be a fix that gets priority.