Dynamic Dynamite

The ability to change the properties and uses of Dynamite within ATT

Core concept
In a similar way to adding stuff onto a stick/handle, Dynamite could take attachments that change how it acts. I’ll list a few ways some items can change it:
Turabada Tear: Dynamite explodes on impact when thrown, fuse is removed. Handle with care!
3 Dynamite Bundles: Increases blast radius & fuse time, must be carried with 2 hands. Useful for clearing walls more efficiently
Metal spikes: Up to 8 can be attached to one bundle, increasing the damage without sacrificing one handed throwing. Handy for dealing with metal turabadas like Silvers & Mythrils

I wrote this on a whim since I feel it’d be a neat way to change how Dynamite can be used by a player without going too absurdly in-depth with the idea. Had thoughts about this for a while though ever since I started keeping the stuff on me for crowds.

Man’s really suggesting we get shrapnel grenades. This is glorious.


It is hard not to like more explosions things.


It’s definitely a interesting thing I think but we probably should keep the normal animations and just enlarge the ring and deal higher damage as in the explosion textures won’t change so players can play with a less powerful pc/laptop

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But now i want cannons… shrapnel grenade arrows