Early Firearms (musket, blunderbuss, powder)

I believe it would be an interesting concept to explore in this game, going through the act of finding, forging, chiseling, experimenting with, and finally maintaining and using classical, or ye-olde firearms from the early era of humanity!

Core concept
Essentially, I see this as a new path of long range combat, which could even go so far as to have its own tree of skills and places of use, with skills that could assist in the admittedly slow reload times of yesteryear’s muskets and powder pistols, to giving you the ability to dual wield all together! Being as creative as one can be in the respective tales of a players choosing, adventurers could search the land for recipes of special ammunition that could find special value against particular prey, like explosive rounds for confronting Turabadas at long range, or a dragon’s breath buck round that could assist in clearing aggressive forests of Goteras via a fiery grave. Exploration would also net you moulds of special barrels capable of holding different calibers and ammunition, triggers, and firing mechanics like pumps or revolver style hammers would also be quite a satisfying find! That’s before even mentioning the possibilities of gunsmithing, finding out what barrels work with which grips, creating every bullet by hand, using better material for better efficiency and a reduced change of weapon failure or outright destruction (like a barrel eventually exploding after extended use or weakness of metal), and the idea of creating your own special lead slinging abomination with the creative freedom of each and every self proclaimed gunslinger!

Personal twist (optional)
Honestly I adore this game, the team working on it, and the aspirations of that team, and I can totally see this kind of expansion coming out for it, with its physics-based nature and focus on crafting and exploration, I just cant see how this kind of expansion wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, being able to build a long range musket or repeater piece by piece, using different metals for less warping on a barrel to maintain good accuracy at long ranges, or going into a cave and fanning a few rounds into a crystal wyrm that sprouts a bit too close, panicking as I run out of bullets or there’s a malfunction that causes my gun to jam, and just imagine the outfits!!!

Anyways, that’s my two cents in that matter, if anyone has read this far, thank you for taking the time out of your day to witness my idea in all its randomness and incoherence, I hope you have a beautiful day!

Sadly, the developers have almost entirely turned down the prospect of firearms, which I honestly don’t understand.

Thematically they would fit in just fine (fantasy games with guns are very common, think Warhammer and D&D), they could easily be balanced to fit in well alongside the future prospect of magic (so you could have two paths of progression, enginnering and the arcane arts), and they are plenty interesting despite what the developers say (personally I think the idea of realistic loading, weapon maintenance and an in-depth crafting/upgrading system would be a good level of interest, much more interesting than a sword or a bow).

And of course, the firearms don’t have to function in realistic ways at all. It’s a game world, the devs don’t need to play by the real life laws of combustion and projectile propultion, they could pretty much mould the concept of firearms into whatever they wish.

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Ah, I see, well that’s a shame, and honestly the duality of those two different styles of progression never even hit me, spell casting vs engineering. I love the concept of only being able to choose one with each having their own special uses and variety of gameplay. Wow that is actually amazing to think about, though it is a same we might never see it, I will always keep it in a special place in my dreams, hopefully one day in the far future it’ll click in the collective minds of the devs, but i respect their decision on the topic regardless ^w^

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I mean firearms don’t exactly fit the theme of township tale, even if it was just a musket, a fantasy game with swords and shields now suddenly has firearms, I don’t think they will fit into township at all, they’d just be out of place, now something like a crossbow would fit a little better or maybe a spell that allows you to launch spirit arrows at things, maybe that would work idk


Loads of fantasy worlds can incorporate guns, melee weapons, and magic. Go look at Warhammer, D&D, and for a recent example New World for games which fit all three just fine.

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Interestingly the history of gunpowder and firearms in some ways is older (or as old) as more standard martial combatants. Some history markers:
The first knight - 8th century
Gunpowder - 9th century
Firearms - 9th century
First samurai - 12th century
First ninja - 12th century, made common during 15th century
Cannons - 12th century (China), 13th
Full plate armor invented - 14th - 15th century
End of knights - 16th century
Blunderbuss invented - 16th -18th century
Musket became mainstream - 17th century
End of samurai - End of 18th Century

However, while firearm history may be intertwined with blades and armor, I think the main reason the devs choose to not incorporate firearms (on top of the work involved to implement the system, and the complexity of early firearms being breach/barrel loaded, ramrods, powder horns…) is that Township Tale is light, airy and whimsical. Sure there is danger, PVP is possible, ghosts exist, but they’re all little chubby creatures and our characters look like cartoons. Ignoring the complexity of VR, the graphics are akin to a custom-skinned Roblox server.

Guns don’t particularly fit in with that theme. They’re brutal, while aim is a difficult skill, anyone can pull a trigger compared to the strength and practice of archery. The stance required of archery is the difference in a killing shot, whereas a stance with firearms just helps aim and repetition. A bowstring requires upper body strength, while a rifle can be rested upon a ledge, eliminating all muscle needs.
Speaking as a range safety officer / boyscout with archery experience.

Another issue, is how do we make gunpowder?
We would need charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur.

  • Charcoal we could allow burnt wood to remain charred, as a usable item.
  • Saltpeter requires mining and filtering, similar to panning for gold
  • Sulfur most commonly comes from salt mines. Now we need salt mining, which makes the rarity of salt seem… less.

Filtering? That’ll give sandstone some sort of use.