Easier return at the mold rack (2)

How often does one log on only to see that the blacksmiths floor is completely littered with molds like the floor after a rock concert?

Whover the culprits are is irrelevant besides no one will ever admit it, but it is extremely annoying especially for those who always ends up putting them back and is an issue on most servers but why does this happen in the first place?

Ok so in their current form the mold racks work beautifully, the physics are nice it feels natural but however you do have to cycle through to find a space and then place the mould in front to back so It can be a little fiddley and time consuming mid smelt hence why people don’t bother, if your In the middle of using the smelter you may not want to waste time being tidy whilst your hard earned ingots sit in the smelter waiting to be pilfered whilst your off carefully replacing borrowed molds! (Potentially)

Solution? Why not use the same mechanics from the carpentry work bench when applying wood?
Simply throw the mold at a rack with empty slots and as the mould his the rack the mold automatically fills a slot, saving time and therefore making it easier for people to tidy up after themselves.

if you yeet one mold on the wall between the two lines, it automaitcally store them.
It’s not obvious, but you already have a solution to your problem


I’ll give that a try thanks!

sending the mold into the wall where the other molds are sends them back into their slots. so just Kobe o Brian it into the wall and solve all your problems

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2 things,

  1. I didn’t know he died
  2. I was using an expression
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Back on track here, I was thinking, when you leave the mold on the floor, it would start to burst into flames and then pop up on the rack. You have no idea how many molds have been lost because some dude thought it would be funny to get it stuck onto the ceiling. Only 1 but some molds have disappeared. I’m guessing he put most of them under the floorboards.


It would be amazing if they could steal the pouch behavior and stack, displaying the number of instances on a corner of the mould, and then neatly stack itself (as 1 item) away.

Also: drag-n-drop or rotating labels in front of each rack, visually to tell players how to organize, but maybe also automation referencing labels and doing its best to put those items there(light blades, heavies, weapon parts, misc, wood-tools, earth-tools). Or players can leave them unlabeled and it’s a complete unorganized mess.

Maybe a spell for the magic class! Makes them all do a Mary Poppins and fly back to the rack :joy:

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I had an where there was this board at the rack area which would mark which molds were missing from the rack. That way you can organize the place, and then go look for the specific mold.

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