Echolocation to look for people

Echolocation next upgrade could highlight other players.

I often head into the mine and forest with friends and often due to our stupidity or circumstances, we get separated. Echolocation perhaps could highlight players within its range of activation, like a 2 or 3 seconds of light silhouette enough so we can regroup

Another use it can do is for rescuing lost players, either they have broken all their teleportation drink and need looking for, or waiting for a friend with backup since they have died and the one remains to hold all the backpack.

If its possible echolocation can even be upgraded to look for enemies, so we can see where they hiding or the size of their group

Echolocation does already run up and over enemies, making turbada’s easier to spot in the mines. However, I wouldn’t mind echolocation upgrades that give them a slight glow effect, similar to the one from glow soup, for players and enemies. I think an echolocation upgrade that specifically highlights ore in the same manner would be neat as well.


Would be cool if we could get some echolocation waves, albeit distorted ones, from enemies that make noise though.

I swear I talked about something similar somewhere on here but I couldn’t find it, either way I suggested that ores could give of certain sounds like your echolocation strike was making them vibrate at frequency specific to each ore which you could pick up on (most likely only those with the skill). I think I also suggested something similar for finding the entrance and exit to a level, with each giving either a higher or lower tone.

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