Element Bending (ATLA)

An idea I got from the show avatar the last air bender were there are 4 special shrines in 4 different nations were anyone can get all of them and upgrade to the fullest with enophe practis each element has different abilities fire generate flames start fires fire blast air glide for a period of time knock back people with a gust of wind earth move parts of the earth raise stones to throw and make temporary walls /ramps water raise water and control the flow of water includes soup water whip freeze water for a period of time and heal fellow players doesn’t take skill slots from normal shrines plenty of spaces to master each element and the ability’s for every one so people can balence the attacks by conter with the opposite element

The twist is you have to do the motions if you want it to work so all the players work together to find scrolls and place them at shine for everyone to use once droll is there it can’t be moved from location when people first do the motion correctly they it gets stormed in a menu in case you forget bonus earth helps with exploring caves and adventure air helps with open world travel fire helps with the forest and bandit camps water helps with coop items basicly a system that creates a range of abilities that people can use to help.

Boy, have I got some exciting news for you: elemental magic is already planned! :partying_face:
So 50% of your idea is taken care of.

But if I had to guess: “bending”, is probably not. :man_shrugging:t4: That would be a LOT of gesture/movement memory, and what about more fluid styles like water and air? Players with real-world athleticism AND martial arts training would have a distinct advantage over other players when the point isn’t martial. Not to mention if you have to do any spin moves or wild arm movements (water/air/fire), players may get sick/muscle injuries, on top of tangling any attached hanging cables.

Just my take on it though :face_with_monocle:
ATLA is still a very cool series. I actually reference the Unagi in another topic.

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Ok sounds amazing

I thought a cool addition to this would be by combining peoples magic into one mix spell thing. It’s activated by fist pumping your magic partner. You can tell you guys are connected with the string of magic. And to charge it you put your hands forwards, your magic will form into a ball of concentrated energy, and if your partner is also charging it, it will combine the elements to the element mixture. Both of you will need to release near the same time by throwing your arms outwards, if this is failed it may fluctuate out of control, or just have only the one activate and the other nulled, or you just fucking explode and die, that too. And I think this would feel awesome to pull off with someone, it would be harder to coordinate with someone rather then doing it yourself, but may be all the worth it to look badass and make some cool stuff.

The one I made hear is called “heatwave”, a combination of fire and air. Other combinations could be earth and fire to create lava, earth and water to make mud, etc. I’d like to even add another layer of depth for this and allow 3 or maybe more people to connect up, making a whole bunch of new combinations. Like maybe, earth fire air, call it molten rain or something, with flying molten rocks flying from the sky.

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Edit since you were already planning some of this could you add those flying bisons

Idea what if a group of fire benders could work together to rebuild a fire kingdom and still allow anyone in to practice there bending like air water and earth could learn from the fire benders themself and air earth and water could do the same and rebuild their kingdom

Another idea would be once a month a Yerba day would get infused with the elments and wander the map attacking players to give them a challenge sometimes falls on its back from its weight hovering the players an opportunity to damage it run or heal after an hour or 2 it slowly gets smaller and weaker until someone kills it

@hachuden that animation paired with the description is epic. There’s so much potential and co-play encouragement, imagine a CIRCLE of mages??

You sure do have a lot of interesting ideas kermity…

I think it would be good if you could suggest things that AREN’T directly from ATLA though, because adding that would be copyright infringement.

While flying bison and fire nations and the like would be very cool, how does it fit in with Township Tale? The game is designed around ONE town cooperating to survive, not nations at war…
If you want an ATLA game, look into Ascending - Dojo VR or other indie titles of the style.

Remember: the devs are trying to make something completely new and unique. Cloning someone else’s content isn’t very original.
Flying bison is a little too specific, as is the title “fire nation”.

You mention a Yerba. What is it? WHY do we kill it? How hard is it to kill? Does it drop anything? How does it attack? Are there multiple at a time or is it single like a field boss? Lotta unspecified details there.

When it said Yerba I ment those rock creatures and I now realized that copyright is a thing after2hours of submitting the last to ideas

Do you mean the Turabada?

The only ATLA Earth creatures I know are the Badgermoles, Rabaroos and a couple dozen others with less screen time, but I still can’t seem to find this Yerba. What is it?

This might be a good time to point out, the forum guidelines specify:

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The subject of this particular topic is specific to manipulating elemental magic with martial stances or motions ala “Bending”. Unless Yerba is specifically an elemental that uses bending or rewards with bending power, it should be in its own unique topic.

Earth bending badgermoles could be discussed here, to explore how a creature would use bending, for example. (simple: re-use the Goterra’s root attack and make it a rock attack with turabada arm bits)

There’s nothing wrong with referencing ATLA for ideas, personally I think spell-casting will have a little bit of (unintentional) ‘bending’, otherwise how else will we telekinesis-throw boulders, shoot fireballs, or summon a rock wall? I imagine it’ll be a relatively complex system, but only time will tell how magic will work.

Maybe we’ll just have staffs/wands? :mage:t4:
But I’d really rather raise open hands face-up to lift giant blocks of earth. Seems cooler than pointing a stick.

The Yerba was an auto correcttion or a spelling error

I hate auto Correct it’s stoping me from typing this sentence

Yes I do mean the turabada