Emotes and chat boxes

Ive seen alot of players that dont speak or simply dont want to. Being able to type out msgs and having it show as a bubble over their head and having emotes like smiley, sad, and angry could help them communicate to those who are challenged when it comes to charades like i am

Sorry mate, get where you are coming from, but thats super immersion breaking. 2-D elements should be kept to an absolute minimum.


not really it could just be a chat bubble instead of back and forth msging. It could show above their head for a few seconds

Exactly, 2-d elements should be kept to an absolute minimum, it ruins immersion.


That would still be 2D and I dare not imagine 3D emojis (I don’t think you mean emotes because we can already express ourselves using body language)

i mean there would be no reason for people who use mic to use it. but when mute people have to do the charades thing i really cant understand them and either have to end up alt tabbing into discord to dm them or just leave them

I don’t think they should add in chat because some people don’t use their mic, or the off chance there is someone that can’t actually talk, at least the immersion of the game shouldn’t be broken just because of that.

People have suggested books that you can write in, which will probably be added and would let anyone write what they want to say and easily fill a book with pages of responses if they want to.