Enable MORE Forum User Titles

Remember that time the forum forgot that we had polls? Get ready for round 2

FUN FACT: we have BADGE TITLES through Discourse! (the software the forum runs on)

However, the other badges don’t appear to be part of this system… just Regular.
I could be wrong, if some Basic, Member and maybe even a Leader user want to check their Trust-Level badge for a title option and share here, that would be very insightful.

Core concept

  • Enable ALL Trust-Level badges
  • Enable ALL (or some) of the extra badges

I am a badge junky. I see gold sticker, and I want it. I intend to collect 'em-all like Pokémon.
So when I discover that I can display my badge… hoo, I got a little too excited…

As far as I can tell, nobody else seems to be aware of the title system… Except for Mod @Boris (I see your sneaky custom ‘:)’ title)

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 2.58.25 PM

And of course @Bossun_Alta2, the Lead Designer.
By the way, IS Boris a moderator? Because he’s not listed in the About - The Township
And he doesn’t have a moderator shield…

If the title system were to be utilized more thoroughly, forum users would be able to quickly tell the age and experience of a user account, potentially giving what a higher Trust-Level would have to say a little more credit.

I do NOT see this system being abusive, because this ISN’T a social forum (YET?). It is an idea forum, for a game who’s knowledge is meant to be learned from experienced players.
A lower rank has just as much say, and potentially knowledge, as a Leader, depending on the circumstance. A new player may be the leading developer in VR, and know technical information useful to the devs. Another might be a streamer (Markiplier?) or a game blogger. Even if a new player doesn’t contribute on that scale, they are still members of our little gamer society, and that makes it a kind of family.
Level bullying would inherently go against the Forum’s Be Agreeable… and Always Be Civil guidelines, making it a bannable offense.

Simply put, edit DiscoBot (the Welcome Bot) OR the Trust-Level 2 System Message OR create a new, automated System Message, and explain titles to people!

Personal twist
If it’s mechanically possible, allow 2 badge title slots: Allow someone to display as:
Basic Certified
Member Autobiographer
Regular Wiki Editor
Leader Out of Love

Dunno if switching order is a good idea, personally I think not.

Maybe automate the titles with a series of options:

  • latest
  • best
  • rarest
  • disable automation

I’m ashamed to say as a web dev I have no knowledge of Discourse’s capabilities or customization potential, but in the spirit of modern software, I believe.
Clearly titles function on some level, so it just boils down to how much extra work it may take.

Do You Think Badge Titles Should Be Used More?
  • Yeah!!
  • No.

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What Kind of Titles Would You Like?
  • Trust-Level only! (Basic, Member, Regular, Leader)
  • Trust-Level and Milestone Badges! (Certified, Autobiographer, Editor)
  • Trust-Level and Community Badges! (Out of Love, Appreciated, Nice Share)
  • All the badges!!
  • Milestone Badges only!
  • Community Badges only!

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Assuming titles are Regular only as I currently suspect: Trust-Level 0, Trust-Level 1, and Trust-Level 2 only poll (sorry Regulars/Leaders):

Should Lower Ranks Have Titles Too? (Untitled New, Basic, Member)
  • Not fair, I want a title!
  • Eh, don’t care

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And just for fun, a Trust-Level 3 only poll

How Many Trust-Level 3 ‘Regular’ Users Knew About Titles?
  • I knew. :smirk: :sunglasses:
  • I had NO idea that was there :sweat_smile: :face_with_monocle: :star_struck:
  • It’s a secret. :shushing_face: :male_detective:t4:

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