Encumbrance is Oppressive

First off, love the game. I’m here because I care.
Second, I think the changes to inventory were, at heart, a good idea.

That said, the implementation of the inventory limits is oppressive.

In general, stack limits are too small both on characters and on shelves. I’m not sure that limiting shelf space has value at all. Where are we supposed to put things? I’m on a two-man server and we’re almost full up. I can’t imagine what full servers are feeling right now. On characters, stack limits seem more justified. It’s not reasonable to be carrying around 400 arrows on your belt. Sure. I do think the stack limits are a little too small, however, and would appreciate a buff.

Last and most of all, the encumbrance is miserable. It slows you down measurably even when you’re carrying very little and god help you if you want to take materials to reconstruct a bridge or staircase or you want to carry things out of the mine. Given that we now have a stack limit, I don’t think encumbrance is necessary at all. If we are going to have a weight debuff, please let it begin at a higher weight and scale slower. I find the game much less enjoyable when I’m inching from point A to point B in what is a fairly spread-out map. It may be more realistic, but take some lessons from Kingdom Come Deliverance. Realism doesn’t necessarily improve a game, and being slowed to a crawl for trying to carry around what you need is game-breaking.