Enemy/Weapon Ideas!

As a player of A Township Tale I feel there aren’t many threats late game. You can one shot most of the enemies and with full health nothing hurts you enough before you kill them. That’s why I suggest the Deepcrawler!

A Deepcrawler would be a enemy that Conley be found in the last few levels of the mines. They would be tall lanky monsters that have large eyes that signify it’s whereabouts in the darkness. This creature will let out noises of gurgling, groaning, and shallow breaths that alarm players that a Deepcrawler is prowling. If one happens to come upon a Deepcrawler (unfortunate) then it will run at them at fast speed and this is where some combat comes into play! The Deepcrawler has long arms and legs (being slightly taller that a mithril Turraboda) and it’s main attack will be swinging it’s long arm attempting to end you. However you can block this attack with your weapon or shield and deal some damage (Valiant would do a mildly fine amount of damage but it would still require quite a bit of hits to end one) A second attack would be a vertical strike is easy to dodge. When killing the entity it will drop Deepstalk. Deepstalk can be used to craft a hilt which gives the blade it’s attached to a huge buff and cool effect of dark particles blurring off it. That’s not it though! One you have created a Deepstalk blade if you go to the final level of the cave there will be a chance of Deepcrawler Boss (name pending) which can only be killed by a Deepstalk blade. This monster would be a monster that should be fought with a full party and would give a delightful experience if beaten. If you beat this monster it should give a item that give night vision permanently if equipped.