Enhancing playermade shovels + digging rework

I cant remember the last time I saw a shovel outside of someone using it as a joke post digging nerf. Yes it was kinda OP given that you could find mythril and red iron in rather large quantities, but I find it to be a rather unrewarding venture now, as all I get is leather strips and the occasional rolls or buckles in quantities as low as 2-3 most of the time.

Pair this with the awkward handling of self made shovels and overall there’s seemingly no point going out and finding dig spots anymore. As such, I want to share some changes I think would make digging a more rewarding task and a much less awkward one to accomplish with homemade gear.

First off, putting handles onto current shovels. The rusty shovel has a little handle on top of it, allowing for much better handling than any playermade one. I had the idea of using a shield handle to achieve this effect for playermades whilst offering an alternate use for the part, as shown below:

My second change would be regarding loot attained from digging and how that can be changed. I’d do it in a tiered system relying on material strength for drops. it’d go as such (additional items added to loot pool of each tier, NOT guaranteed every dig spot):
T1: Rusty, Copper, Gold (current drop table, quantities of 2-5)
T2: Iron (T1 + copper ingots (4-5), quantities of 7-10)
T3: Palladium, Electrum, Red Iron (T2 + iron ingots/ore (3-6), quantities of 10-12)
T4: Viridium, Silver (T3 drops + silver ore (3-6), quantities of 12-16
T5: Mythril, Valyan (T4 drops + mytrhil ore, red iron (both 3-6) and phantom guard (obviously 1), quantities of 16-20)

Let me know what you all think of this, as I feel digging is oft forgotten and these changes would make it a worthwhile, albeit balanced errand to go through. Still has the chance to be super rewarding, but not to the extent of pre-forest digging (which, lets be honest, was kinda nuts, especially when you pulled the mytrhil)

I imagine whenever farming comes to fruition as a feature, that shovels will have a LOT more value… It will probably be used to harvest root veggies/bury seeds.

I think the drop table is a little generous, but I like the scaling you used. Maybe just cut back on item count given the ease of digging a hole, over going like 80 floors down in the mine

I think instead of the dig spot having tiers based on the material used on the shovel, I’d rather see dig spots with different tiers that are harder/easier to dig based on what material you have (A T5 dig spot would take like 50 or 100 digs to dig it out with a rusty/copper/gold shovel). And the tiers would range based on either how deep in the mines you are, or how far you are out in the wild. (Most likely higher rarity in the forest but that’s not out yet on quest.)

And I don’t think I’d want phantom guards dropping from digging spots, I think this would take away from the appeal of hunting down phantoms. But I do like the idea of having something rare to hunt down from higher tier dig spots.

So I wanna just pump out some random things I think of that could be in that rare hunt.

  • A fairy that will follow you as a guiding light
  • A wand of growth that speeds the growth/ increases growth chance of plants
  • Eyes of the seeker (night vision/heat vision, would highlight living things)
  • Cave beetles (I was thinking of worms for fishing, but there’s already the wyrm enemy so a bit of a confliction of names)
  • Dirty leather (It’s dirty)
  • A landmine (Ticking sound to indicate it’s gonna explode)
  • A couple of butt cheeks that fart poisonous gas at you before sinking back into the ground (You’ve angered the ground people.)
  • Flares!
  • A smiling face that peeks through the ground
  • The fog of void symbolize the nothingness of the menial tasks the player has decided to put themselves through
  • A bottle of tears
  • A trapdoor (That the player can jump through to venture a mini dungeon)
  • Hebios boxes (Time capsules from some of the people of that era that may tell the player a little bit more of whatever they wanted to write)
  • Hebios bow (I’d like to see this just in general)

I think that’s all the random ideas I wanna throw out.

I didn’t know there was a digging nerf, was this a PC thing? But I agree with you on how it feels unrewarding, especially that I can just run to the mountain pass to get the same items, unless people want a more guaranteed farm of leather from those digging spots with boxes in the cave.

AND THE STUPID THING IT DOES WHEN I DIG AND IT READJUSTS MY HANDS TO THE TOP, it gets very annoying after a while of digging.

I would like to see some more of a draw to want to dig, there are geodes, which are exciting in early game, but later in game it’s pretty useless, shoveling is just kind of a niche thing right now for those who want to grind mythril bars that way.

And holy shit I’ve practically wrote an essay.

But I think I’d like to see a bigger reason for digging rather then them just updating digging for the sake of making it more popular, I think it may be used as a feature in the housing update for maybe digging up land, or those water spots, or for burying items in holes that you can make with the shovels to make for some fun treasure hunts. I’m just blurting stuff but I wanna see something exciting come to this.