Eturian's creature concepts

Fortischmee - Roughly twice the height of a Spriggull, sometimes emerges from the ground near to mushroom areas if too many mushrooms are picked and eaten. Very likely to appear if a schmeechee is killed/eaten near a mushroom patch. Drops mushroom pieces upon death. Very rare drop - Mushroom hat. Hat is maybe required to tame a pet Schmeechee. Canietes - Small herds (2-4?) roam the open plains and edges of woodland. Shy and passive by day, will try to avoid contact with players. At night the Canietes is fiercely territorial and will attack anything that approaches too closely. The lighter patterns of fur luminesce softly, and glow brightly when angered. The thick knurls of horn on their antlers shine even more brightly, imitating an imposing pair of large eyes. Drops meat and hide. (hide used for leatherwork/tanning) If killed at night - rare drop - glowing knurl, which can be used in similar ways to the glowing blue crystal shards.

@Eturian Phenomenal artwork! I love both of these and I would love to see them in the game. The Canietes looks like a mixture of a wolf and a white tailed deer, and I love it. I prefer the the head shape in the above picture (not sure if they were meant to look different but I prefer it nonetheless). I also love the idea of a giant smeechee popping out of the ground sound awesome. Perhaps there is a large mushroom (the fortischmee’s head) in the middle of most mushroom patches, if you attack or touch it(or do any of the stuff mentioned in your idea), it will pop out and attack.

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Like Zeb said, great work as always. Not sure about the mushroom hats dropping from the Fortischmees though, since the devs have been against getting cosmetics in game, though if it had durability and gave off some effect (such as light for the glowing ones).

The Canietes look really cool, and that isn’t just because I want some kind of wolf creature in the game, but I do like how it takes the tail and antlers of a deer, but not he hooves.

It would be interesting if there were different types of Canietes, that are just regional to different areas, which take traits from different hooved animals, such as goats and sheep. Just as much as the main one has the traits of a deer (horns and tail). This would also open the option for ambitious farmer to tame some goat or sheep influenced ones and then selectively breed them until he gets ones that produce a good amount of milk or wool respectively. Though two products from one species of animal (two subspecies) might be a bit much.

Also it would be cool to see some Sexual dimorphism regarding the antlers, especially if we could farm them eventually, but seeing a difference between the two sexes of an animal would be nice to see when most games just give us “Cow (♂)” and “Cow (♀)” makes the game more realistic and gives the players something to learn.

Lastly, this relates to taming but it doesn’t need that for this, it would be cool to be able to throw some food to them from a safe distance to build up a reputation which would help you later by not getting mauled at night.


If when you say “not sure,” you are referring to the mushroom hat that would be dropped by the fortischmee, when armor used to exist in game, there were a few variations of mushroom hats (see picture). This likely means that mushroom hats will be added back in, so I don’t see why they couldn’t be the drop of a giant smeechee creature.

On the other hand, I like the idea of having different variations of canietes on the area they live in, as well as being able to tell apart males from females. Although, the food thing probably won’t work with the current AI system. However, the AI system will very likely be improved to make it possible to add more intelligent mobs (such as the hebios bandits) and will therefore make this possible.

Oh, yeah sorry, meant to say “nor sure about the mushroom hats”

Thanks guys. Didn’t realise mushroom hats had already been a thing! If find-able cosmetics aren’t allowed, maybe they could drop the mushroom shield as that’s in-game already :slight_smile:

Having a variety of appearance for all creatures is definitely something I’m an advocate of, so having different Canietes would be awesome. Either male and female, or simply having a little randomness to their markings and antlers. Ones with larger antlers and more developed patterns on their fur could just be though of as being more mature, and have 2 or three antler types for diversity. Smaller antlers and less impressive patterns (and don’t glow as brightly) could be considered juveniles.

The heads of the Canietes pictures weren’t deliberately different, but it’s good that you have a preference :smiley: Narrow down what the final design should look like perhaps! x

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@Eturian Dropping the mushroom shield is a good idea. And from what I know the mushroom hats were findable. So the fortischmee could drop a mushroom hat, but I have a better idea. What if it just dropped a giant mushroom based on what type of mushroom it is, and you had to slice out parts and attach either a strap for a hat or a shield handle for a shield. You could also always cut the head into chunks to eat.

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Yeah, dropping just the “cap” would be nice. Then chisel out a handle in the carpentry shop, or lash together a strap at the tannery/leatherworkers’ :smiley: fine idea my friend!


Some new critter ideas.

Domestic hogs. Nice and simple, good for farming, they provide meat when killed, but are also useful to keep alive as they produce manure that can help all your plant crops grow faster and stronger! Waist-high to an average player.

Horned Squirrel. Mostly just to add a bit of life to the world. Not aggressive at all and hides up trees when adventures are nearby. Drops a little meat and maybe a small pelt / scrap of fur when killed. Knee-high when standing on their hind legs.

Captanea. Cave spider that hides in dark corners and tempts adventures with the large crystalline growth on the tip of its lure. Pounces from the shadows when anyone comes close enough, and attacks with scratchy claws that also sap stamina (numbing, anaesthetic poison coating their claws) as well as dealing regular melee damage. When killed they drop some spider meat, carapace/scales, and also the crystal lure (drops as a regular crystal). -As tall as an average height player.

Adult / Elder Firebug. Turns out that the little firebugs we know and love are just the juvenile form of the species! After many many years the firebugs reach their adult stage. The large crystal formations on their back have cracks and ruptures between them which let out a steady flame from the body of the bug. Handy to relight your torch on, but are likely to get grumpy if approached too quickly, and especially from behind. They’ll give you some burning damage if they bite you, so just keep it in mind and be respectful of these gentle, helpful creatures. The fire on their back (and all their little glowing joints and seams between their armour) blazes more brightly if you drop some coal for them to eat.
They might even follow you awhile! -Not as huge as the drawing might suggest. Almost as large as a domestic hog, but wider too. x


Would be useful as a meat and fertilizer producing, but I have to say, as someone who has raised pigs, they are disgusting creatures fulled by gluttony, so I personally think it would be best to have them less… pig/hog like.

Really cute and I think you’re right about them adding life to the world.

I can’t tell if it’s just because of the angle of the drawing, but it kind of looks like the abdomen, thorax and head area all one part, and thorax looks weird with how it’s off from spiders (as I can remember)

I think spiders would be some really cute things to add, but that just seems weirdly shaped. Also the lure being a cystal seems weird, is that a growth? does it attach a crystal to the thing on it’s head?

I think it would make more sense for it to put something shiny/crystals with some loot and have webs on the ground under the stuff which it waits for a player to go for. I think that would be a better trap than a crystal everyone is going to remember as a lure.

Another thing with spiders and other creatures that a lot of people have a phobia for, I think they would have to be in places that are very optional (aka if it’s in the mines, only on layers that players could avoid or in a specific forest.)

Sounds really cute and fun to interact with, though the fact that normal fire bugs can be used to light fires kind of make them redundant. I think the idea that they could follow you if you give them some coal would be a really cool way to give players an alternate, if not so reliable, way to light up their mining.


Thanks for the comments. Yeah, Captanea angle might be a bit awkward to see the body shapes with. The head is meant to be slightly “sunken in” to the thorax, and the abdomen is tilted upward almost vertically. I just thought it looked kinda cool and doesn’t HAVE to follow traditional real-world spider anatomy, but maybe it looks a bit too unusual? Was going for slight scorpion / mantis vibes too.
If we assume that its natural prey is little firebugs or maybe wyrm larvae then its’ hunting methods don’t need to be too intelligent. Just a glowy natural growth to mesmerise little things so it can pounce on them. Players would get used to them and spot them easily, but that’s fine. People having phobias is fair … but having spiders in caves is a perfectly normal expectation. Just bring a weapon or friend along :slight_smile:

I think the Elder Firebug would not be a common sight. Nowhere near as common to encounter as regular firebugs, and to not make them redundant at all! Maybe they could be rare and randomly roaming on the occasional layer with no other creatures on, and not expect them to appear in low-light as the little firebugs do.


I am all over you’re creature concepts, everything is perfect.

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That’s true, It’s just that the influences are subtle enough that it looks less like a hybrid and more of a an off looking spider.

I guess that would make some sense, though fire bugs stay away from light, so it the wyrm larva would make more sense.

… Anyway it’s easier for games like skyrim to put spiders in when modding can easily take them out, but with this game, not only is that not an option, (unless you go to the right private server) it is also a lot more real since this is a VR game, even without it being VR, people with arachnophobia aren’t just going to tough it up and “bring a weapon”, they are more likely to have a panic attack. Also it is important to mention that it’s the most common phobia.

Ahh yeah making them rare would help a lot, making them more of a rare site.


Very true about arachnophobia. I’m not a huge fan of spiders myself, but I figure they’re a common part of practically every ecosystem so it’s a little unreasonable to just deny them because they’re not cute and cuddly.
I bet there are a few people with a phobia of birds that hate Spriggulls too. Can’t pander to everyone though :slight_smile: -shrug-

It’s worth adding that I’m NOT suggesting they should be on every level of the mines or any other dark cave areas. Maybe you’d only see them after a dozen or so levels down, and even then not every level. I think having creatures TOO often makes things just as stale and predictable as having too few creatures and too little variety. If you saw them everywhere they’d lose their surprise and interest. Also, this way, people not keen on spiders cold easily “nope” past them. If you see one or notice the lure, just walk past. They don’t aggro unless approached (or hit from range) anyway.

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Normal spiders? yes, giant spiders? no, unless you are talking about fantasy games, then you are talking about a trope, much like slimes but they aren’t needed. Also I should point out the straw man of saying that it’s because they aren’t cute and cuddly (s-shut up spiders are cute and cuddly) instead of the actual fact of them being the most likely thing to give someone a panic attack.

False equivalence between a fairly uncommon phobia and the most common phobia, also between a bird that is a bit bigger than a can’t and a spider as tall as a man. “Can’t pander to everyone though” That is true but you also can’t just pander to no one, in a sense you are pandering to the player base when you make a game unless you are making one for fun and not taking any feedback.

Totally agree.

“Yes, don’t worry, I promise the demon of death won’t eat you if you get too close, it’s watching you, but it will just wait.” That might sound like a completely irrational way to look at it, because it is and that is what a phobia is.

Again, if mines weren’t so linear (more than one space to choose from per layer), maybe if there were more mines to choose from it would be fine or even if they where just in a creepy forest, but you are arguing that we should put in the thing that is most irrationally feared in the world, but a bigger version because they are in other games.

Ignoring the rest … Even if you have non-linear mines, or a second mine entirely (either of which I would love!) the Captanea would still spawn randomly, so that wouldn’t help to avoid them. Having the lure on them to blatantly give them away is far kinder and easier to avoid than if people were in constant fear of them popping out of the ground as the wyrms do, or dropping from the ceiling, or simply not having the lure at all and silently creeping up while you’re happily mining.

But hey, it’s just a concept. Let’s not argue too much.

I did also start drawing a forest spider but wasn’t happy with the design so drew a squirrel instead :smiley: Maybe I’ll have another go at it for next time.

As a guy who actually has a pretty bad fear of spiders and wasps, please don’t put aside a good idea because of the fears of me and people like me. Being pandered to is demeaning and embarrassing.


I understand that, I think it’s pandering to say just no to anything anyone would be scared of, I personally would really like some giant spiders. That being said, I don’t want to actively have a monster put somewhere that is unavoidable for some jobs that is the most likely thing to cause a lot of distress. I think if we had a more variety of places to mine, then it would be fine since different mines could have somewhat different selections of fauna, I would even be fine if most caves had spiders and only a few were free of them, but I want to give that option for players to avoid them if they really can’t handle it.

This sounds great, I’m thinking forest spiders would be cuter, in my mind a forest spider would probably be closer to a tarantula.

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