Experience changes

TL;DR: Change the way experience should be gained.

Core concept:
Progression for skills shouldn’t be based on hits, but rather based on usage of the skill. For example; instead of lumberjacking based on hits, maybe do logs chopped?

My preference on what the changes would be (examples):
Fighting; damage dealt with melee.
Blacksmithing; stays the same.
Lumberjacking; logs spilt/chopped.
Mining; ores mined.
Archery; damage dealt with bows.

The problem with that it would make better stuff level you faster, new player gets a valyan tool? He is going to take a fraction of the time he would have to level up then.

That being said, it kind of makes it harder to level with valyan right now, since you get only a few hits in per tree/ore/etc. so maybe some bonus exp from the stuff you mentioned, not enough to make it the main exp giving action, but so people spamming flint is less rewarded.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the bonus exp should probably only be given if the player does the most damage/etc.


Yep, I agree - it shouldnt be easier to level with better gear. Per hit is good because it gives more experience for higher “health” entities. Eg. More experience is gained from a Mythril Turabada, because they take more hits; same with say Mythril ore nodes, 12 ingot blades, larger trees.


I also feel like it fits the theme of professions. You don’t get better at something just because you have better tools, but because you took the time to learn it and hone your skills.


Personally i do think some form of balance would be nice. Higher levels do take more xp, so it could be tuned so that to get higher levels, you do really want to be using the top tier gear.

There’s definitely a lot of people who have spoken out about their preference for damage over hits. Not sure which I prefer if we had to pick one.

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Maybe a sort of balance would work. Say you gain 1 exp from every hit on a wyrm and 3 exp on the kill.

This way, the exp gained from both sides is about the same for some weapons (3 hits to kill means 6 exp total), while people who’d rather use their valyan weapons aren’t missing out on huge amounts of exp.

With this change, it’d still be best to use really weak weapons, but using valyan and other strong weapons would get a bump up.

Add a set amount of exp gained on top of the per-hit exp.

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