Explanation Needed: The past few updates (Oculus Quest 2)

So since I don’t have discord or any other computer site that Alta might be operating on I can’t get any info about the past few updates. Only the .5 was broken and .6 was there to fix that. And then there was the mysterious .7 that I haven’t any clue about what it’s done. Perhaps they’re just bug fix updates or some way of pairing the PC game code bit by bit. Anyway, it’s been nagging me and I bet that there are people on this (surprisingly supportive) site that knows what’s going on. Help?

Being that this isn’t feedback, an idea, bug or community server…
If you have community questions they are best asked on the Discord, or the dedicated sub on Reddit. Using the feedback site for other purposes just clutters the forum, and may delay you from getting useful answers.

You can find information on their Twitter

And on the Wiki

Here’s everything from 0.0.70 onward according to the wiki.

||Improved the cache downloading system for the Forest, as well as various server-side optimizations.|
| — | — |
||Fixing various bugs introduced in|
||Implemented the Wwise Audio Engine into the game, as well as reverb in the caves.|
||Reimplementation of stacking in Side Pockets, and lots of bugfixes.|
||Additions to the main menu, as well as bugfixes.|
||The fabled optimization update! Introduced a whole host of changes to the core of the game to make it run vastly better.|
||Added Hebios Guards to the game, as well as fixing multiple lag-inducing bugs.|

And here is the most recent discord update post.

Thanks. Sorry for clogging up the forums. The feedback area seemed like the proper area to ask questions (hoping for feedback you know?). I don’t have access to Discord or Reddit or whatever cuz I don’t have an account and can’t ask questions unless I do. Can’t make an account either cuz I don’t have an email (Being a decade and a half can do that to you). I’ll use your links from now on. Again thanks!

There’s no need to apologize, just offering some friendly advice that benefits all parties.

The feedback category is intended to be for the developers of the game, in order to improve currently existing features, as can be seen in the above screenshot. The category sub-text is only visible on desktop view for me, so if you’re viewing strictly through mobile it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe you’ve yet to see that text.

If you are a decade and a half in age (decade = 10, making you 15) you are (probably) of legal or moral age to have an email account.
Most email services only request 13+

Not to compare apples and oranges, but I made my first email account at 8 for video games. Assuming you are allowed to have an account, here are some guides/sign-ups for

creating your own email account:

Create an email account today at mail.com
Create a Gmail account - Gmail Help

If you would like help creating an account, you can DM me and I will help you create your own email account.

Once you have an email account, all your problems are solved it sounds like!
Happy surfing. :surfing_man:t4: